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Oh the “imperfections” we stress about—the thousands of dollars we’ll spend in a lifetime to make our breasts look larger/perkier/higher, the countless dresses we never let ourselves wear because we didn’t think we could pull them off, and the pricy products and procedures we invest in that, perhaps, only we notice the results of. Somewhere down the line (maybe after we find a charmingly honest man), most of us learn that there are a lot of beauty worries we can do without. And when we do, we really wish we’d seen it sooner!

“Done” hair and “not done” hair

No, your eyes don’t pop more, and your cheekbones don’t stand out more, because you spent an extra hour on your hair. So long as it looks clean and brushed, men notice two things: up, or down. And your pretty face carries you through even a rough hair day.

Shiny skin

A little oil or sweat is just a part of living! You sweat when you’re happy, when you’ve been dancing, when you’re nervous around a crush…men hardly notice shiny skin, and if they do, they don’t give it a second’s thought. So you can stop running to the bathroom every half an hour to use those oil-blotting sheets, and you can stop covering up your otherwise flawless skin with oil-resistant cover up.

A little root

Imagine how much money you’d save if you only got your roots colored half as often as you currently do? You could probably buy a weekend away with your guy with that money! Men do not—contrary to what you may believe—think you look “low rent” or “trashy” if you have half an inch of roots. They don’t even notice it; they usually think it’s just a shadow. Your head is still overwhelmingly blonde/brunette/purple or whatever you color it.

Neglected split ends

If your boyfriend notices your split ends, he himself might secretly want a boyfriend. Your guy is too caught up in your adorable face and your cute booty to pull out a microscope and check out the ends of your hair! What he will notice though is you picking at those split ends during dinner.


Slightly yellowed teeth

You miss one teeth whitening treatment and you think your guy is repulsed by your mouth! You think it indicates that you don’t take good care of yourself, or maybe that you’re going broke! Actually, all your guy notices is that you’re suddenly not smiling, and that you’re avoiding kissing him!


Your smile lines

Another “flaw” that could have you wiring your jaw shut: smile lines. Men do not notice the tiny wrinkles around your eyes when you smile or laugh. Like the last point, they just notice if they can’t get a rise out of you. And then they think you’re not into them/they’re not funny/you’re in a bad mood.


If you don’t wear lipstick/mascara/blush

Your guy will never look at you and think, “Hm. Her face is looking a little bland today.” All he notices if you go makeup-less is that you look all natural. What he also will notice is if you cake on lipstick/mascara/blush. So if you’re in a rush, leave that stuff off rather than smothering it on!

A little extra weight

Do you notice five extra pounds on your friends? Of course not. And neither does your guy on you. But he does notice if you’re suddenly wearing exclusively baggy clothing, and then he picks up on the fact that you’re feeling self-conscious about your body. And then he thinks you’re being silly, because you clearly don’t look any different.

Messy eye makeup

You’ve been running around all day before meeting your guy for a drink, or didn’t sleep last night, and you’re self conscious that your makeup looks smudgy around your eyes. Guys don’t notice the difference between totally clean black lines and a little blur. What they do notice is if you’re not taking care of yourself, not sleeping enough and look unhealthy. And not even the most perfect eyeliner can cover that up.

Cracked nails

Or un-polished nails, or un-manicured hands, or nails that are too short. Men just don’t notice your hands. Sorry! They notice how soft they feel when they hold them, but that’s about it. So stop pulling your overdue-for-a-manicure paws away from your loving guy.


Designer clothes

Men notice these things: do you look presentable? Do you look like you care about your appearance? Do you look clean? Do you look like you have your own personal sense of style? If you’re a thrift shopper, there’s no shame in that! So long as you buy clothes that are of good quality, that flatter you and that look clean!


Your bag

Again, men don’t care about designers. And this translates to bags. What they do notice is a giant bag. They tend to assume women who carry around bags large enough to fit a child in are high maintenance. So if you want to splurge on a Louis, fine. Just get a clutch.

Bra lines/underwear lines

You obsess that this thong has slightly visible lines, or your bra is slightly pinching you causing “fat rolls” on your back. Guys don’t notice that. If you’re wearing a black pair of panties under a see through white dress—okay, they notice. But truly, men like to see that you’re real. They don’t mind a little underwear line, or a slightly ill fitting bra. This isn’t a runway!

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