Ya’ll Clean Up Nicely! What The Stars Of “Orange Is The New Black” Look Like Outside Of Prison

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So if I hadn’t made it clear by now, Orange Is The New Black is my current television (aka, Netflix) obsession. I’ve finished the first season, so I’ve been reminiscing about the good times until someone tells me Season 2 is ready to go. And as the women have done promotional work, stepped out on red carpets and just shown their everyday lives through social media, I’ve come to realize something. They clean up nicely! Let’s keep it real, prison doesn’t look good on anybody (Sophia, the transsexual hairdresser, just might be the best looking person in that prison), and to drive the point home, the actresses on the show usually forgo makeup (and a comb) to really get into character mode. But when the camera is off, it’s a whole other story. Check out the cast when they’re not behind bars for the show. They look good!

Uzo Aduba/”Crazy Eyes”

My Igbo sista! Aduba plays the extremely crazy but misunderstood “Crazy Eyes,” and with her bantu knots and well…crazy eyes, there really isn’t a thing about her on the show that screams beauty queen. But outside of her character, with her gorgeous natural hair, spotless skin, and perky cheekbones, Aduba is a whole lot more beauty, and a lot less butch.


Kate Mulgrew/”Red”

The menacing Russian who runs the kitchen (until the very end of the season that is…), Red is definitely a colorful character. Though she could stand to lose the lashes and the lipstick. It really isn’t making her look any less of a hard a**. But outside of the show, Mulgrew, who used to star on Star Trek: Voyager, isn’t too hard on the eyes.

Danielle Brooks/”Taystee”

While Taystee is the definition of a ratchet character on OITNB, in everyday life, isn’t Danielle Brooks adorable? The 23-year-old Julliard graduate is pretty much the breakout star of the show, and on the outside, it’s clear Brooks has no problem keeping her hair tight (and she doesn’t need to borrow a lock of anybody’s blonde hair to look fabulous)!

Taylor Schilling/”Piper”

The neurotic glue that holds the jail together, we get to see Piper in more glamorous moments during flashbacks of her life pre-prison. But in real life, she looks ten times better! Makeup does a face a whole lot of good.

Vicky Jeudy/”Janae”

I know I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand Janae, the former track star with the terrible attitude. But while her personality was horrid, her hair was always cute (somebody was slipping her Miss Jessie’s!). On the outside of those upstate NY prison walls, she cleans up very nicely. And the curls stay poppin’!

Taryn Manning/”Pennsatucky”

I initially thought that whoever styled Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett with her undone hair and rotted out fake teeth was dead wrong, but the looks match the character’s personality. In real life, Manning (who we know from movies like Hustle & Flow), is a petite pretty little thing. But as for her character…fingers crossed that she gets her grill fixed next season!

Yael Stone/”Lorna Morello”

Playing Italian firecracker Lorna Morello, Yael Stone’s character wasn’t all that bright. I mean, she didn’t know that there’s only two Boras in Bora Bora. But her character actually took good care of herself with the red lips and the always curled (roller style of course) coif. On the outside, Yael Stone has been bald, she’s had long hair and short hair, and as you can see, she looks great with even less makeup. But red is still that baby’s color!

And on a sidenote, who would have ever thought she was Australian??

Samira Wiley/”Poussey”

Don’t get it twisted, her character’s name is French.  Full of attitude but also a lot of humor and wisdom (for her character’s age), Poussey is definitely a tell-it-like-it-is type of chick. In real life, Wiley and her character aren’t too far off. She looks cute with or without makeup, and the short cropped do is a must.


Laura Prepon/”Alex Vause”

Imagine my surprise to see Donna from That 70’s Show playing a lesbian drug dealer on this show. But she absolutely kills! And while the glasses and the dark hair look great on her on the show, we’re glad to see her back with her fiery red hair.

Michelle Hurst/”Miss Claudette”

Oh, Ms. Claudette. Her character was definitely a reserved but “Ill cut you” type, and we all know that keeping it cute wasn’t her forte (she was more about keeping her “home” clean). But in real life, you can’t tell Michelle Hurst nothin’! That auburn meets bold brown hair is too cute. A far cry from the salt and pepper mane she had loose all season.

Dasha Polanco

Dayanara is of course a newbie in the prison, and clearly she doesn’t look too bad because she just so happens to be having a relationship with a CO, and has another trying to claim her. Woop! But Dasha Polanco definitely cleans up nicely. A little eyeliner can take a girl far! And her on-screen boo looks as good off-camera as he does on (see below)!

Adrienne C. Moore/”Black Cindy”

Black Cindy didn’t really start making a substantial appearance until mid-way through the season, but boy has she been hilarious! What hasn’t been hilarious though is the way prison has treated her ‘fro. On the outside though, as you can see below, Moore’s natural hair is sitting pretty, and so is she!


Madeline Brewer/”Tricia”

The character of Tricia might have been one of the roughest looking chick’s in the show’s prison, but in real life, she probably is one of the prettiest. Her drug-addicted character couldn’t help but look a bit disheveled, but Brewer is actually quite the striking beauty. No neck tattoos ever again though…

Lea DeLaria

What can I say…DeLaria cleans up, but not in the way you would think. Like her character, she’s more on the masculine side, but unlike her character, she’s a hilarious comedian and a talented chick who wears many different hats. She’s also a writer, director and singer!

Natasha Lyonne/”Nicky”

A former drug addict, the character of Nicky looks like she’s been through hell–but still managed to keep an upbeat and funny personality. The hair is a bit on the lioness side, and the gooey eyeliner is a no, but she manages to look pretty decent, and still pull all the chicks. In real life, Lyonne (who I love from Slums of Beverly Hills) is a cutie patootie.

Pablo Schreiber/”P*rnstache”

It’s crazy what a mustache can do to a guy. Especially the disgusting one above. Bet you can’t even tell that Pablo is Nick Sobotka from The Wire! On this show though, he’s still dealing drugs, but he’s making his living as a sleazy correction’s officer who doesn’t mind messing with (or just groping) women in the prison. In real life, he looks like something straight out of Cali. Clean cut, good looking guy. And thankfully, no damn mustache.

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