Fix That Face! 15 Of The Best Real Housewives of Atlanta Gifs

August 8, 2013  |  
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We all love the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and to demonstrate that we’ve got some of our favorite gifs from the show right here. Click through, laugh, and attach your favorite ones in your next e-mail to drive the point home.

Porsha’s Killer Stare

Porsha isn’t always sweet as pie. I’m sending this gif to the next person who sends me a chain mail letter. One more “reply if you love the Lord” and I’m deleting your e-mail address.

A Fan of Chocolate

Kenya Moore, Naomi Campbell and Jill Marie Jones are all in the running for “Biggest Diva in History,” but there’s nothing wrong with a little self-confidence we suppose.

Kim’s Crazy Eyes

I kinda miss Kim — even though her exit was unceremonious. This is what I look like when everyone in the room has gone crazy and I need to find an exit, fast.

Mrs. Bailey

This may just be the most fabulous hair flip in the world. This is how you laugh those haters off ladies. If Cynthia taught lessons on class, I’d be the first in line.

Kandi’s Too Through

Poor Kandi is one of the only sane women on the show. And I feel her struggle. I I had to deal with Kenya and Phaedra on a regular basis we’d have to lay it down too.

NeNe’s Reminder

Sometimes you just have to remind the people in your life who’s really the center of attention. This gif is perfect for wedding correspondence, opening nights and any other occasion where your scene-stealing friends need to be reminded of whose day it is.

Kim’s Prayer

I say a little prayer like this every time there’s a strong wind before a big day. That or “Lord, don’t let this humidity frizz up my flat iron” or “Jesus just let these roots lay down for another day. I can’t make it to the shop til Tuesday.”

Porsha’s Confused

Truer words were never spoken. Unfortunately, Porsha doesn’t seem to get the irony.

Phaedra’s Words of Wisdom

Sometimes it’s hard to get on Phaedra’s team, but I think these are words of wisdom.

Kandi’s Side Eye

This “I don’t have time for this” eye roll is going to be my new response to Facebook static.

Sheree Doesn’t Mess Around

I want to send this gif to all the women I’ve seen dragging struggling, crying kids through the mall. This was my mom’s signature move for shutting a temper tantrum down and it worked every time.

I’m Bored

There’s a little bit of Kenya living inside each and every one of us. And if I thought I could pop out a fan and roll my eyes in the middle of Monday morning meetings without getting fired, I’d give it a try.

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra is a holy hot mess. But seriously, I know a few “saints” who need to pull a prayer cloth out on Saturday night.

Is She “Crazy” or Crazy?

That moment when you’re talking to a chick and you realize that she may just be certifiable. Is there security in this building?

Bye Haters

Nobody puts them in their place like queen housewife NeNe. “Bye haters, see you next season.”

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