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Is your life constantly in turmoil? Do you span the entire spectrum of emotions every single day? Is somebody always after you? OR…are you just a drama queen who doesn’t have the emotional toolkit to properly handle the exact same stuff everyone else is going through? Here are a few questions to help you find out.

You see danger everywhere

There is traffic, so there is probably a pile up ahead that you’re all about to get into. A raindrop just fell. And there are electric wires everywhere. Somebody is going to die. The guy at the end of the bar has holes in his shoes. He is probably a robber about to pull a gun out on this place. You look for potential danger everywhere and are always in “survival mode.”

You personalize everything

You think everything is a jab at you. Even conversations that are not about you—that you’re not even in—you believe have subtexts of insults to you. Or, when someone does directly make a small jab at you, you let it ruin your day, instead of realizing that’s their issue, not yours.

You relate everything back to you

Any time someone vents to you or tells you a story, you have your own story to tell them back. Instead of asking questions and engaging the person to continue to open up, you feel compelled to turn the attention to you.

You think ten people want to marry you

Your doorman smiles at you every day, the barista at Starbucks always adds a free extra shot to your drink, and your co-worker reminds you of meetings. All these men obviously want to marry you. Right?

You think ten people are stalking you

Your doorman is always in your lobby, the barista at Starbucks remembers that you like an extra shot, and your co-worker knows your meeting schedule. These men are obviously stalking you.


You try to control everything

You urgently need to control every detail of everything. If you overhear a friend deciding on where to have her birthday party, you are insistent she choose your suggestion and you delve into all the reasons it is the best. The idea she might choose somewhere else gets under your skin.

You feel mistreated often

You see signs of mistreatment everywhere. The bartender didn’t smile at you when she took your order. Your boss mispronounced your very long and complicated last name. The cabby isn’t making small talk with you. And you’re outraged.


You get easily overwhelmed

You often feel unable to go on with your day and complete small tasks because your emotions take over.

You think you’re a martyr

You believe you’re constantly making sacrifices so that other people can be happy. Oh yeah, and you’ve stated that too.

You always feel left out

If someone shares a secret with you, all you can think is that they took too long to tell you. If someone invites you to a party, all you can think is they didn’t ask you to help plan it.

Your appearance rules your life

You’re late because a nail broke or you can’t go into certain places because the humidity will mess up your hair or your very expensive clothes might be spilled on.

It takes you three months to get over a two week “relationship”

You’re still talking about the guy who didn’t want to go on a third date with you three months ago. You’re analyzing every detail of the two dates you did have…down to the way he ordered his coffee.

Everyone you’ve ever dated was a “boyfriend”

Following the last point, anyone you ever dated just once is labeled a “boyfriend.” That way, it can sound more dramatic and important when you talk about your “ex.”

You cry at most parties

Any time there is a large social gathering, you somehow end up in the bathroom with two women consoling you and a box of mascara-smeared tissues. Is everybody there really out to get you? Or are you just unable to realize this night wasn’t supposed to be about you, and the other guests also probably have personal drama but they knew this was neither the time nor place.

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