“North West” Has Nothing On “Moxie Crimefighter”: 10 Celebrity Baby Names You Won’t Believe

June 24, 2013  |  
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While most of us used words completely opposite of “Awwwwwww!” to describe the idea of Kimye naming their baby North West, to be honest, in both Hollywood and everyday life, I think we can all agree that we’ve heard a LOT worse. Names with confusing silent letters, ones that are words spelled backwards–people try to get the most “creative” when it comes to giving a name and identifier to their children (aka, when they can give a name to someone they know they wouldn’t want for themselves). Don’t believe me? Just check out these 10 names from these 10 celebrities that are the definition of doing THE most.

Jermajesty Jackson

What do you get when you mix Jermaine with “majesty”? Why Jermajesty of course! While Jermaine Jackson kept it pretty standard when it came to most of the names of his other children (Jeremiah, Jermaine, Autumn, and Jaimy), it wasn’t until he started messing with Alejandra Oaziaza (who also had kids with Randy Jackson…) that he started trying to think outside of the box, naming one son Jaafar, and the other Jermajesty. If that wasn’t enough, Jermaine has gone out and changed his last name to “Jacksun” to give himself something of an identity outside of his family. He should expect the same move from Jermajesty in a few years, but with that first name…

Moxie Crimefighter Teller

Remember the famous duo of magicians that is Penn & Teller? Well, the taller one, Penn Jillette who has been on Celebrity Apprentice, decided to take a queue from his own name and call his daughter something equally interesting. Moxie Crimefighter. To break it down dictionary style, moxie is defined as aggressive energy or courage; while crimefighter is…well, exactly what it sounds like. Neither word really is what we would name our own kids, but hey, who can stop these celebrities?

Kaydnz, Lyriq and Musiq Najm

There’s no doubt that T-Pain loves music. It’s how he’s made his living and auto-tune has been his bread and butter over the years. But he took his love for music a step further when he decided to name his children after musical terms, and add a little funk to the spelling of them. Cadence was turned into Kaydnz, while lyric was changed into Lyriq and music was morphed into Musiq…like the singer! If they don’t get into the music industry with these names I’m sure he’ll be hurt.

Audio Science Clayton

Beautiful actress Shannon Sossamon (who we haven’t seen since in a minute–remember her from A Knight’s Tale?) was another famous face who decided to be as creative as possible when it came to naming her first child. Audio Science isn’t really THAT bad sound wise (why not English instead of Science?), but on paper, I’m sure it just looks pretty off the wall, almost as “unique” as naming a kid Moxie Crimefighter…

Shyheim and Jadarius Jenkins

Black folks. We know we can be the definition of creative when it comes to trying to jazz up the names of our kids. Just ask Young Jeezy, because the handsome rapper decided to try something different with sons Shyheim and Jadarius. But we can’t really say anything about these two names considering I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the name Jadarius from one of my high school classmates.

Pilot Inspektor Lee

My Name Is Earl was one of my favorite shows back in the day (and a very underrated one), but Jason Lee knows he was dead wrong for this one. Pilot? Maybe. Inspektor? That’s more of a title (and a misspelled one) my man. But seeing as that’s a name no one else will probably have and guys tend to like masculine, original names, little Pilot Inspektor might learn to love it.

Bamboo Patton

Just when you thought Andre 3000’s son Seven had a unique name, the other half of Outkast, Big Boi, went ahead and decided to name his son something equally colorful: “Bamboo.” You know, like the plant Panda bears can’t get enough of? He’s mentioned the young man in his music numerous times and even, while a little baby, was allowed to try his best to talk on the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album. It’s kind of cute though when you think about it. His nickname could be Bam Bam! No? Okay, just thought I’d throw that out there… 

Breeze Beretta Johnston

I’ve known for a long time that Levi Johnston has no sense, but it became 100 percent clear after the father to Bristol Palin’s son Tripp decided to name his daughter with his latest lady love after a firearm. With all the gun violence going on in the world, there’s nothing cute about naming a baby girl after an Italian gun or a gun manufacturing company at that. I’m guessing if they have sons they’ll go for Smith and Wesson?

Diezel and Denim Braxton-Lewis

Hey Toni! The names honestly remind me of the label Diesel (but without the z), who just so happens to make a little bit of everything, including fly “Denim” jeans. And while they aren’t the most conventional names out there, once you get over the initial shock of hearing that someone’s name is actually Diezel and Denim, both monikers do grow on you after a while.

Bear Blu Jarecki

Sometimes people need a reminder that Alicia Silverstone and Cher Horowitz of Clueless are not really the same person. While her character in the movie was a fashionable but lovable chick trying to learn to be a little less superficial who loved designer clothes, Alicia seems to be more on the…let’s just say “interesting”side by being videotaped out here chewing food and feeding it to her son like a bird does, but also by the name she chose for her little guy, Bear Blu. Hey, “Blu” is clearly becoming popular (in one spelling or another), but Blu? “Where dey do dat at?”

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