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If you weren’t aware, Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie, a former University of Miami medical student who has been with the rapper for some time now, is originally from Gabon (a country between the Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea in Africa). The beauty traveled back home to Gabon this week and shared pictures of her preparation for the trip through her Instagram account with followers. In one picture, Eudoxie can be seen packing with her sister, and in a wide open suitcase is a pile of dolls in their boxes that she was taking back home to give away (“The perks of having nice little sisters. @unfabulousmuch_ helping me pack gifts to take home.”). However, the ones that can be seen in the box are all white, and the idea of her giving white dolls to African children seemed to anger some of her followers who felt that she should be taking black dolls instead…

“It’s one thing to be diverse. But that is not what she did she gave a specific color on purpose were there not any black dolls to send to Africa to these blacks girls? Smh.”

There were a bit more with the same sort of accusatory tone. When Eudoxie caught wind of people’s comments about the color of the dolls she was sending, she decided to respond asking folks who were so concerned about the dolls she sends, to go ahead and send their own: “Unless you giving me the money to buy the gifts, #shutthehellupandhaveaseat”

There were a number of people on her page who wound up supporting Eudoxie, saying that all they saw was her trying to do something nice, not the color of the skin of the dolls. After posting her retort above, Eudoxie posted a picture of herself with an adorable little family member after landing (first picture above) saying “I’m home!!!” No matter what the color, I’m sure those kids appreciated the dolls.

All I can say is that while I get what people are trying to tell her about the importance of giving black dolls to black children, if you’re going to try and point an idea out to an individual on their page, it’s best to do so in a more polite and helpful manner. Especially when you’re not the one spending money on these dolls or giving anybody anything yourself. You can always be the change you want to see in the world, but until then…you know what to do.

What do you think of the backlash she received from her followers about the dolls?

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