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Bullying has become a huge problem among today’s youth, and with so many new campaigns and advertisements asking people to speak out about and report bullying, more and more stories have come forth. Though many wouldn’t expect it, celebrities have also come forward to talk about their own personal experiences with being bullied. Even though these celebs are rich, famous and well-liked now, before  they were subject to all sorts of harsh words and actions. Here are 14 celebrities who were bullied.

Sandra Bullock

As beautiful and well-dressed as she is now, back when she was younger, Sandra Bullock was teased. When she’d travel to Europe with her family and go back to school, she wasn’t always the most fashionable. Kids would tell her that she looked like a clown and a few of them even beat her up. Sandra says she still remembers every one of the bullies names.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock can crack jokes about almost anything and make light of all sorts of situations, even bullying. Chris Rock faced all sorts of bullying and other problems when he grew up in a mostly white neighborhood. While it wasn’t funny or laughable at the time, Chris has taken his childhood experiences and put them into a t.v. show, “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Tiger Woods

While he’s definitely had a fall from grace, Tiger Woods was once golf’s golden boy. But long before he was a famous golfer, Tiger was subjected to all sorts of bullying. In fact, on his first day of school in 1981, he was tied to a tree and called all sorts of racial slurs. The bullies also made fun of his stutter. Nowadays Tiger could probably putt them away.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson is a gorgeous woman, but in the past others bullied her about the way she looked. While her figure is amazing today, when she was younger she was a late bloomer. This of course made her subject to all sorts of bullying as she was called a tomboy because of her flat chest. Little did those people know that she would go on to be a famous actress, with curves in all the right places.

Michael Phelps

During his younger years, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was bullied about his big ears as well as his lisp. Though it hurt him back then, now he laughs at the people who used to tease him and suddenly want to talk to him and act like friends. And clearly bullying didn’t hold Phelps back. He’s earned 18 gold Olympic medals and has retired at the age of 27.


Growing up in Barbados, Rihanna was the victim of bullying because of the color of her skin. Because of her light complexion, she was often teased for being white, and her green eyes didn’t make matters any better for her. She’s now a platinum recording artist and continues to top the charts with her music.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has not only been the lead singer in a boy band, he’s also made an entirely new career as a solo artist. When he was younger, though, JT was made fun of because of his acne and “weird” hair. He was also picked on because of his love for music over football and other sports. He even became a social outcast, but that’s clearly the past. Nowadays JT is as popular and wanted as ever.

Tyra Banks

Famous supermodel Tyra Banks always had that model look to her, but in the past she was subject to all sorts of bullying. During her younger years she was teased for being way too tall and way too skinny, as well as for having a big forehead. Thankfully Tyra used her unique looks to her benefit. Her height as well as her thin physique made her the perfect model.


Eminem’s bullying story is definitely one of the most notable. When he was younger, he didn’t have tons of people screaming his name and repeating his raps. Instead, when he was in school, Eminem was bullied and beaten up. His mom pressed charges against the Detroit school system but the lawsuit was dropped. Em didn’t forget one of his bullies; He got back at DeAngelo Bailey in the song Brain Damage.

Christina Aguilera

At a young age, Christina Aguilera was able to experience all sorts of fame, especially after being discovered on the show “Star Search” and becoming a Mouseketeer. However, her growing fame wouldn’t sit well with everyone. Bullies would often go to her singing events and try to sabotage her performances. Some of the bullies even slashed her mom’s tires. The bullying got so bad that she sought therapy.

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk is best known for her role on the t.v. series “Smallville,” playing the role of Lana Lang. Nowadays Kristin is a beautiful woman, but she was teased a lot in the past. During school, she was teased about all sorts of things including her ethnicity, her looks, and even the clothes she wore. She’s risen above the hatred and has become more famous than any of her bullies.

Kate Winslet

Well-known actress and now mother Kate Winslet was bullied in the past because of her weight. Weight has always been a battle that Kate has had to fight, but she is no longer stressing or worried over it. In the past, bullies at her school would call her “blubber” and would tell her that she had such a pretty face, but that it wouldn’t matter much because she was fat.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the celebs on this list who has actually made it one of her goals to help kids who were bullied. Though she’s well known for her crazy looks yet amazing songs, when she was younger, she was heavily bullied. Kids threw her into a trashcan and called her all sorts of profane and humiliating names. Lady Gaga has since started an anti-bullying foundation.

Kate Middleton

Who’d have ever guessed that even a person of high royalty was a victim of bullying? Though today she’s a duchess as well as the  soon-to-be mom to the next heir of the British throne, in the past she didn’t have such a bright life. She had a hard time fitting in at a boarding school and the girls sometimes put feces in her bed. Nowadays Kate is one of the most admired women in the world.

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