She Tried It! And Other Popular Sayings We’ve Taken From Celebrities

July 22, 2013  |  
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Celebrities are known for saying funny phrases and coming up with some of the most ratchet sayings. And as crazy as they are, we love them so much that we start using them ourselves. Here are some of the funniest and catchiest one-liners these entertainers have introduced into our everyday lingo — and some I’m sure more than a few people are sick of hearing.

Dot Com

Tamar Braxton became our favorite personality in her family reality show, “The Braxton Family Values.” To use her own phrase, she is over the top extra dot com but we love it. And that’s not the only phrase she’s credited with creating. Tamar also brought us have several seats and get your life.

Non Mother-effin Factor

Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives” gave life to the phrase, “non-mother effin factor” when she was arguing with Tammy. After she said that, she almost got two to the dome messing with Tammy but Evelyn was going to speak her mind and give you exactly what was on her mind. As serious as she was, people took that phrase and ran with it. She even made T-shirts and tried to trademark it. Now she has the world saying “you ain’t bout that life.”

In That Order

Momma Dee is already a little extra and we think she was trying extra hard to coin a phrase on the first season of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” Eventually, people caught wind of her silly remark,” and in that order” when she struggled to spell b**** right. Now everybody lives to tell someone else what they’re going to do and in what order.

Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Kenya Moore is known for her self-centered personality and this phrase, “gone with the wind fabulous” lived up to that persona. After Porsha tried to play Kenya about her age, would pretend she was walking down a runway and give us a little twirl and say, she’s gone with the find fabulous. She even got Beyonce to mention the phrase.It’s a cute and funny phrase.


No one ever knew what scrappy was talking about because he always used iizznaayyee at the end of ever word. Eventually, people caught on to what he was saying and it became more popular than his, “put them paws on em” phrase.

Oh Gawd

If Big Sean didn’t say “Oh Gawd” on his track then it wouldn’t be the same. It beats hearing, “finally famous.” Big Sean named every mixtape and his first album after the phrase and we are tired of hearing it. We have no idea why he says “Oh Gawd,” but it’s definitely becoming his signature as every celeb needs one.

What??? Okayyyyy

Lil Jon makes it his business to say “what? okay?” on every song as if he can’t hear. As funny as this phrase is, it helped Lil Jon became a famous non rapping celebrity.

How You Doing?

The Queen of Media, Ms. Wendy Williams, had to jump on board with a cute little phrase that would speak to her character. This phrase, “how you doing” is a popular saying on her show and anytime you see her you must say it — and add the funny face she makes.

Tried It

Tamar makes our list again. She is the queen when it comes to coining phrases. We don’t know if she thinks about these things or she’s just that funny. Tamar’s phrase, “tried it” is something you would say when someone is trying to play you so to speak. Now everyone is using the phrase even if it doesn’t make sense. Thanks Tamar!

Turn Down For What

Lil Wayne and T-Paine coined the term, “Turn down for what” and now everyone just uses it all willy nilly and as an excuse to turn up indefinitely.

psychotic Bish

Mama Jones is the real psychotic one. She tried to make a song to come at her daughter-in-law and ended up making a fool of herself more than Chrissy. She really tried to run with this phrase, making T-shirts and a video and she went and spelled the word wrong. Get it together mama Jones!

I’m Rich Bish

In an attempt to curse out Kim Zolciak, NeNe made the statement that “she’s rich bish”. She changed the meaning from being rich as in spirit and happy not that she’s actually rich. Well Ms. Leaks, you’re making some good money now, so you can use the phrase literally now.


The Ying Yang Twins are known for being weird and their songs just added to the craziness. These two brothers were always saying, “Haaaann” in every song. It was just the weird little noise and now all you see on Twitter and Instagram is the hashtag, “haannn” after every comment. We have no idea what it means but everyone uses it.

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