Milk Carton Characters: Actors Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Our Favorite Shows

June 21, 2013  |  
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Have you ever been watching a TV show and suddenly noticed that one of your favorite characters wasn’t there anymore? You’re not alone. Writers may think we don’t notice when their characters up and disappear, but we do. And sometimes, we miss them. If you need closure for some of your favorite characters, check out our milk carton list for characters who disappeared without a trace. Have you seen them?

Judy Winslow

If you were a faithful Family Matters fan, you noticed that one day the youngest Winslow daughter just disappeared. She didn’t go to college or move away or anything, she was just gone.

Unfortunately, we did hear from Jaimee Foxworth again. First as the Adult Videos star Crave. And then on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.


Lisa Bonet’s character, Denise, was originally the focus of the Cosby Show spinoff A Different World, but when she got pregnant, Bill gave her the boot. The show got a major re-write, new cast members, and Denise was never heard from again.

Maggie Lauten

We bet you forgot that Marisa Tomei was even on A Different World. When Lisa Bonet was written out of the show, so was Marisa’s character Maggie Lauten. Her character’s disappearance was given just as much explanation as Lisa’s: none.

Professor Slater

Remember Jeff’s hot and heavy relationship with Professor Slater on Community? It ended with Britta and Professor Slater asking Jeff to choose between them at the Dance.

It was the biggest season finale of the show. But the next season didn’t begin with Jeff choosing between the two. In fact, Community writers never mentioned Professor Slater again.

Coach Tanaka

Once upon a time, Coach Tanaka was a character on Glee. Then, suddenly, he wasn’t. His tenure ended in the first season: he proposed to Emma, she turned him down and we never heard of him again. We wish our breakups would end as seamlessly as this.

Mandy Hampton

If you’re a fan of West Wing, you remember Mandy Hampton (Moira Kelly) from the first season. For the first few episodes, she was the main character.

Then, suddenly, she was gone. The first season wasn’t even over. She went from a major player to a missing person just like that. Later, series creator Aaron Sorkin revealed that he nixed the character because she “just wasn’t working”.

Dr. Grace Miller

Dr. Grace Miller (Bellamy Young) appeared in the third season of Scrubs. She was the snarky counterpart to Dr. Cox. Then after five episodes, she just disappeared. No one mentioned that she’d even been there in the first place.

Tina Pinciotti

Did you know that Donna from That 70’s Show had a little sister? Tina Pinciotti (Amanda Fuller) was a part of the show for the first few episodes. Then, she disappeared. After that, Donna’s character was referred to as an only child.


Friday Night Lights used to be the show. Remember Santiago? He played TV ball for 11 episodes. And then he just wasn’t there anymore.

Turns out, actor Benny Ciaramello was cut from the show due to the famous writer’s strike. What a sad way to go.

Chuck Cunningham

We know. No one watches Happy Days anymore. And most of us don’t remember Chuck Cunningham, eldest son of Howard and Marion Cunningham, and brother to Richie and Joanie.

But Chuck is important for other reasons. When he suddenly disappeared from the first season of Happy Days, he was the first TV character to go missing. Today, whenever a TV character goes MIA, it’s called Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

Monica Dawson

Lord knows TV can’t stand to lose anymore black actors. But that’s just what happened to Heroes character Monica Dawson. played by Dana Davis. In season two, she played a waitress whose super power was muscle memory. Then in season three, she was suddenly gone.

Tiffany Holloway

Remember Rose’s youngest daughter Tiffany on 227? Apparently the writers didn’t. After the second season, Tiffany was just gone. To this day, we don’t know what happened to the poor girl. And no one ever talked about her again.

Morgan Matthews

Younger siblings didn’t last long on Boy Meets World. Eric and Cory started the first season with a little sister named Morgan. She was so adorable, Eric used to use her as bait to pick up women. But in the second season she was gone, never to be heard from again — until she showed up as an extra in season three.

Topanga also had a little sister on season one. Her name was Nebula. She only appeared in one episode before she disappeared for good.

Wanda and Joey

Big Love was one of the best shows on HBO. Remember Joey and Wanda? Joey was Bill’s little brother and Wanda was his crazy wife. He killed the prophet Roman and she poisoned Bill’s father. They had really big story lines. But then they hid out after their crimes and just disappeared from the show with no resolution of their story lines.


Anyone enough old enough to remember What’s Happening Now!!, remembers little Carolyn. She was Raj and Nadine’s 9-year-old foster child. That is until they just never mentioned her again. She didn’t go live with Mama or go back to the foster home or anything. She was just gone.

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