Plastic Surgery And Skin Bleaching: Celebrities Who Took It Too Far

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These notorious celebrities are known for taking things way to far when it comes to cosmetics. They undergo plastic surgery or they bleach their skin to appear lighter for reasons mostly unknown to us. We understand that they want to enhance their, ahem, natural beauty but when you start to look like an entirely different person, you’ve gone way too far.

Michael Jackson

The King Of Pop must of hated himself as a child because the Michael Jackson we once knew in The Jackson 5 was not the solo artist we saw as an adult. Michael’s skin kept getting lighter and lighter to mask his battle with vitiligo, but that doesn’t explain the chronic cosmetic surgery. From his nose to his chin — even his hair looked like an extension. Eventually, the dance moves were the only clue Michael was who he said he was.

Lil Kim

Lil Kim was a cute black girl when she hit the scene in the ’90s but now she looks like a 30-something Chinese woman. Her cheeks are overly super sized, her skin appears lighter with each public appearance, and her lips and nose have gotten noticeably dainty — while her hips and butt keep spreading and her waist continues to become more svelte.

Vybz Kartel

Well known Reggae artist Vybz Kartel went way overboard, thinking no one would  know the difference. Vybz, who first stepped on the scene as a dark-skinned man, is now five shades lighter, at least. Unfortunately for him (and those who have to look at him), that lighter skin is hardly natural looking. Vybz’ complexion has become ashy and almost dead looking as opposed to the smooth brown skin he was born with.

Sammy Sosa

Former baseball player Sammy Sosa fell into the trap as well and everyone took notice when he made a public appearance with skin much lighter than usual. We don’t know how he thinks that ghastly complexion on the right is better than the caramel skin tone he was born with.

Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson, who isn’t one of the most famous Jackson siblings, fell under Hollywood’s surgical spell early. Latoya, who was actually a pretty girl when she was younger, underwent surgery for no reason at all and the end result is this petite nose, somewhat expressionless face, and lighter skin too match.


Cher is also trying  not to let her age get the best of her. The singer who’s known for her long black hair and eccentric appearance actually hasn’t changed in years — perhaps because she went overboard so long ago. The cheek and breast implants have kept Cher static for decades, but that’s odd when you know 20-some years have passed and your face shows no sign of it, in a weird way.

Carrot Top

We don’t know what’s going on with Carrot Top. He’s super muscular for no explicable reason and it looks like he’s surprised all the time, with his eyebrows pointing way to the sky. Why he chooses to look this way is far beyond us.

Vivica A. Fox

Our girl Viv fell victim to being a poster girl for surgery, unfortunately not all of them have gone well. Her breast implants were a major fail, as you could see a dent in one of her boobs for a while, and her face just doesn’t look like the youthful Vivica we saw in “Booty Call.” They say “black don’t crack” so we’re unsure why she even played around with this. It just made her look crazy.

Nicki Minaj

If you compare pre-Barz Nicki Minaj with who we see on the TV now, we know makeup isn’t the only explanation for the thin nose, wide hips, and extra big booty. It may be the culprit for her skin, though, which also appears to be getting lighter by the years.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is actually quite beautiful, but that can be hard to see behind the botoxed lips, which she actually doesn’t need. Aging is not such a bad thing, but when you try to look 20 at 50 that’s a problem. Jay-Z lied, you can’t be young forever.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickson talks so much smack about other people, but clearly doesn’t look in the mirror. All those surgeries she’s had don’t do her beauty justice one bit. As the world’s first supermodel she needs to undergo one more surgery to undo what she did.


Madoona is another celebrity who never wants to get old. We will admit, for her age, she sure knows how to get down and most times she looks good while at it. However, we’re starting to notice the Lil Kim-esque face– puffy cheeks and squinty eyes — those are all effects of surgery gone too far.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is simply beautiful. However, we all know she bleached her skin, removed her ribs, had a nose job and whatever else. The Jackson family loves going under the knife. Let’s hope Janet doesn’t go any further than she already has.

Dwight Eubanks

In an episode of RHOA, NeNe says, “Dwight can hardly breathe out his nose”. As hilarious as that statement was, it was probably equally true. Look at those nostrils, if you can find them!

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