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: Yes. I dreamt about my father dying three months before he died. I told him to go see a doctor. He unfortunately did not listen and he died on Father’s Day fourteen years ago.
Randi: I have correctly had a dream that both my cousins were pregnant and with one, I dreamt of the sex and I was right.

Sheilah: Yes, my grandson got his little hand smashed in the car door yesterday. I just had that premonition moments before…

Jiffawni: Yes…I worked at an adult daycare for disabled adults…I had a dream one of the participants died and that very morning when we got to work…it was announced that he had died …wasn’t sick or anything

Marian: I dreamed about riding in a car with my current bf, a year before I met him.

Jo-Hood: Yes, I had a vision of my brother being shot . I told him about it and he became angry. 10 minutes later he was shot across the street from our home. While in the hospital, he told me he would always listen to me from then on.

Tamara: All the time…I call it intuition and discernment per the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Father.

Kimberly: Yes and my 4yo daughter, too….she doesn’t realize it and I try not to make a big deal of it with her.

Tamika: Yes More then enough to make me change my ways and focus on my spiritually….Learning how to listen to myself…I honestly believe that WE ALL been blessed with more then 5 senses!

Tashia: Far as dreams, i have had SOME ‘warning’ dreams like for instance before 9/11 happened I had a dream about a plane crashing and then couple days later 9/11 or before the Connecticut school massacre I had a dream about a rifle being fired off. No details just small bits n pieces that somehow make sense later.

Syreeta: Durning my last pregnancy I often thought of what my baby would look like. Then I had a dream and saw exactly what he looked like.

Lainie: Yes! While dating this guy I kept on having this reoccurring dreaming that he was cheating on me with someone I knew. When I would tell him about the dream, he would laugh at me and call me paranoid. I told him that my dreams were premonitions and they served to protect me. Also, that he would be sorry if he was. Around that time, this girl that we both knew was making snide comments about me and boasting how good her new man was to her on Facebook. Three months later, the girl called me herself to tell me about them being together. He ended up leaving her and she has been stalking him and making his life a living nightmare. He called the devil!

Cam: One week before finding out I was preggers with my daughter, I had a dream about her. In the dream, I was able to clearly see her face at about the age of 6 months. I laughed it off because the child in the dream was caramel complexion and I’m chocolate. I didn’t think the child in the dream belonged to me. Eight months later, my caramel child arrived. It’s happened to me in other contexts, jobs, school, etc.

Chalay: Yeah… when I was in my teens, I used to have a recurring dream that I worked in a movie theater, and I’m standing at the concession stand and a guy walks by… I remember waking up and saying I was going to work at the movies… It ended up being my first job and I remember it being deja vu when I was actually standing at the concession stand, putting napkins in the tray and seeing this guy named Jamie walk by… got chills when it actually happened.

Venus: MANY TIMES since childhood but my grandmother says it is a gift. it runs in familys so dont discount your children when they are talking to you. these dreams are very bright and seem so like you are awake.

Joyce: My father had a dream that he was standing in a wide, beautiful field with his deceased father and he was telling him to come. Later that week my dad passed away. Smh

Rosanne: I had a dream when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was sleeping and when I woke in my dream SHE was laying on my chest looking up at me out of the covers. Months later it was real, that same exact moment… And I remembered.

Tonya: Yes. Three years after my mom passed, I got pregnant with my second child. I had a dream that my mom kept handing me this baby girl to care for (feed, change, bathe, etc) and would take the baby immediately afterwards. A couple of weeks later at the ultrasound, found out I was having a girl…I was not surprised. Thanks, Mom!

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