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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we felt it was time to show some love to the most stunning, most beautiful, most age-defying mother-daughter combos Hollywood has to offer. And while there are many lovely sets of mamas and baby girls to choose from, there was little denying that these pairs deserved some special props. From Tina and Beyonce Knowles to Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin, these duos hold it down for mothers and daughters far and wide.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

These two blonde bombshells have been the epitome of celebrity mother-daughter flyness for at least the last decade. Both Goldie Hawn and her incredibly likeable daughter Kate Hudson have made names for themselves by straddling the thin line between bubbly girl next door and unattainable hottie – a dangerous combination. Add a natural sense of humor to the mix (both are comedic Golden Globe honorees) and charisma for days, and you’ve got the makings of one smokin’ family. Here’s to hoping Kate’s children, sons Ryder and Bingham, keep that tradition of attractive going.

Tina Knowles and Beyonce

Mama Sasha Fierce may not be in the spotlight as much as Ms. Goldie Hawn, but that doesn’t diminish the kind of fly that Tina Knowles brings to the table. Mother to stars Beyonce and Solange Knowles, Tina busted onto the scene as Destiny’s Child rose to fame. As the group’s costume designer, Tina gained more visibility in the fashion world and ultimately started her own line with Bey. Not to mention she looked great while ballin’ to the top of the fashion world. And does anything even need to be said about her uber famous, eldest. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Ivana Trump and Ivanka Trump

Regardless of what you think about the hot mess that is Donald Trump, you gotta give some mother-daughter attractiveness points to Ivana and Ivanka Trump. While, honestly, Ivana may not be the beacon of hotness she once was, there is no denying that this woman is carrying her 64 years well. As for Ivanka, she definitely inherited mom’s looks, but daddy’s ambition. The former model, heiress and businesswoman is a stunning sight whether in the boardroom of The Apprentice or walking the red carpet at some of New York’s chicest events. Dynamic duo doesn’t even begin to describe this mother-daughter combo.

Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross

One of the more intriguing pairs on our list, Motown diva Diana Ross and actress Tracee Ellis Ross aren’t the most conventional of beauties. But therein lies why they are so special and must-includes in our mother-daughter hottie list. Those crazy svelte figures, fearless fashion senses and subtle elegance that they bring to any Hollywood event make them one of the most intriguing celebrity pairs to walk the red carpet. She gotta it from her mama? Yeah, that’s an understatement.

Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones

Our list of mother-daughter beauties would not be complete without the stunning Peggy Lipton and her ridiculously good-looking daughter Rashida Jones. Known for her role as Julie Barnes on the classic series The Mod Squad, Peggy found love with music titan Quincy Jones in the 1970s and their union would produce two beautiful, bouncing bundles of joy. It goes without question that Rashida plucked the best genes from the DNA pool. And if drop-dead gorgeous good looks and a likeable personality weren’t enough, homegirl is one smart cookie: She graduated from Harvard. Total package? No doubt that her parents must be very proud of this young lady.

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz

How many times do you think Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz have been confused as sisters? If we had to guess: More times than they can count. Despite being 45, Lisa has maintained her trim figure and youthful glow to an almost unimaginable degree. And when she’s strutting down the red carpet with daughter Zoe, the two’s resemblance becomes even more apparent. And what makes them even more attractive: The wonderful relationship they seem to have, just look at Zoe recounting when her mom schooled her on the perils on fame in V Magazine: “My mom’s whole thing was that she wanted me to wait until I knew what I really wanted. She’d always say, ‘Once you step into the spotlight, you can’t take it back.’” Wise words from a beautiful woman.

Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger

The child of a famed supermodel and a rock legend was almost guaranteed to be something special. But few could have predicted just how incredible the spawn of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger would be. Inheriting her mother’s statuesque frame and her father’s trademark lips, Georgia May Jagger followed in her mama’s footsteps and tried her hand at modeling. And, not surprisingly, that foray has proven very successful. As for Miss Jerry: At the age of 56 she still remains one of the modeling world’s most iconic figures. At a staggering 6 feet with that that long hair don’t care mane of blonde tresses, she was destined to be apart of fashion history.

Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin

Another wildly similar pair, Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin look more like sisters than they do mother and daughter. From their flowing blonde locks to those incredible figures to those stunning blue eyes, it’s not surprise that these two bumrushed the modeling world during their respective heydays. While Kim ultimately parlayed her modeling into a successful film career, Ireland is just starting out and we can’t wait to see the type of awesome ahead of her, especially if she follows mom’s lead to guide her: “I have a few [icons], one off the top of my head Miranda Kerr,” she said to reporters. “I look up to Kate Moss . . . and my mom of course.”

Vanessa Williams and Jillian and Melanie Hervey

Though the Hervey sisters haven’t really hit the mainstream quite yet, there was no way we were leaving them off this list when they call stunner Vanessa Williams mom. For decades Vanessa has been an icon of style and grace in Hollywood, not to mention a trail blazer for African-American women. From Miss America winner to former-Miss America winner to up and coming entertainer to Grammy, Tony and Emmy winner she has put her stamp all over Hollywood. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also brought into the world two striking daughters who definitely bare her resemblance. Jillian and Melanie Hervey were blessed with many of their mother’s finest attributes, so here’s to hoping they parlay those into an equally as successful career

Nicole Murphy and Bria Murphy

OK, we’ll be the first to admit that Nicole and Bria Murphy aren’t exactly on top of the fame game right now — although we are loving “Hollywood Exes” and those Dark and Lovely commercials. It’s daddy Eddie whose really been in the spotlight (for both good and bad reasons). But that doesn’t put a damper on the level of attractive these two women bring to the table. And boy is it a lot of attractive. And don’t even get us started on those striking eyes. Sure Eddie may have contributed some DNA to the mix, but Bria is all her mother’s in the looks department.

Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofia

So these two hotties aren’t well known stateside, but we think it’s pretty obvious that singer and actress Alejandra Guzman and daughter Frida Sofia most definitely deserve a spot on our list. Mexican beauty Alejandra was quite the stunner in her younger years, but she has definitely maintained that roll ‘n’ rock hotness. And her daughter: Well, she’s stayed mostly out of the limelight, but that level of attractiveness just can’t be denied. If J-Lo thinks she rules all things booty, she better watch out for Friday.

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

OK, OK we know that Demi has seen better days. Ever since the split from Ashton she just hasn’t been the same level of she once was. But don’t deny that she makes up half of one of the hottest mother-daughter combos in all of Hollywood. It took a little time for Rumer Willis to get past her awkward stage, but when she finally did .. boy oh boy. We’re sure daddy Bruce Willis had a few restless nights worrying about the boys coming around.

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow

At 70 years old, Blythe Danner is still at banger levels. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but that woman looks good. Like really good. And she managed to bring a beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow into the world as well. If that doesn’t earn her a place on our list we don’t know what will.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Claudia Rose

Some may think this one is a stretch, but when you take a look at Michelle Pfeiffer and adopted daughter Claudia Rose it’s obvious why they were a must-include in our list of mother-daughter hotties. Michelle has consistently been one of Hollywood’s most beautiful since the minute she busted on the screen in Scarface. Though her daughter hasn’t really dove into the whole showbiz thing, she is always a pleasure to see strolling down the red carpet with her world-famous mama.

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