Beliebers, Barbz, And The Beyhive: The Craziest Celebrity Fan Bases And The Weird Names They’ve Adopted

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Nowadays, celebrities’ fan bases are more like armies than anything else. They do what their celebrity leaders say, promote their movements, follow them blindly, and attack anyone who doesn’t like it. Beyoncé’s Beyhive and Rihanna’s Navy are two of the largest, but there are many, many others. Do you belong to any of these fanatical super stan groups?



Do you love Tamar and her Then consider yourself a Tamartian! The mommy-to-be blessed her supporters with the interesting name after establishing a large fan base from Braxton Family Values.


Mariah Carey refers to her fans as Lambs, and to the entire fan base as her “Lambily.” Though strange, it’s become the number one term of endearment among her fan community. Mariah has even gone so far as to declare February 11 Lamb Appreciation Day.


Nicki Minaj’s fans are collectively known as her Barbies, but subcategories exist depending on gender and sexual orientation. Females are ‘Barbz,’ homosexual males are ‘Ken Barbz’, and heterosexual males are ‘Boyz.’ While it all seems a bit over the top – and is, if you ask me – Nicki’s fans have proudly embraced the terms and use them on the regular.


Amber Rose may not be known for anything other than her dating history, but the gal’s still got fans. She dubbed them her Rosebuds (Rosestuds, if you’re a guy) years ago, and the fan base still seems to be going strong with her at the helm as their ‘Muva.’


Chances are if you’re a Rosebud, you’re probably a Taylor too. Wiz Khalifa gave his fans the seemingly random name in honor of his ‘Taylor Gang movement.’ A “lifestyle” that Wiz says was borne from a love of Chuck Taylor shoes and confident living.

The Beyhive

The Beyhive, formerly known as the Beyontourage, was established in 2011 after Beyoncé devoted an entire website to her stans. Individual members are referred to as ‘Beys’, and Beyonce is of course their ‘Queen Bey.’

Little Monsters

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are legendary. Not only are they one of the largest celebrity fan bases ever, they’re also one of the strongest. Collectively, they’ve established an official website, Twitter account, Facebook fan page and get this – the first ever social network devoted entirely to a fan group. The base has also inspired a tattoo on Gaga’s left arm, a secret handshake and a species of plant. But sweetest of all is probably the fact that they look up to Lady Gaga as their ‘Mother Monster.’ Aww.

Rita Bots

Rita Ora may be one of the newest members of young Hollywood, but she already has a fast-growing base of fans called Rita Bots. These devotees have set up an official Twitter account, Facebook fan page, and fan website all in honor of their beloved Rita.


Justin Bieber’s devoted supporters are known as Beliebers – and they’ve darn near taken over all social media. Just check Justin’s Twitter account. More than 38.5 million of them are following him right now, and that number is growing steadily.

But it’s not just the fans. Even Justin himself is caught up in the Belieber hype. After visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he left this note in the guestbook:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Team Breezy

Straightforward and to the point – if you’re Team Breezy, you support Chris Brown in spite of his mistakes. And considering the many mistakes he’s made, CB is fortunate that Team Breezy goes as hard for him as it does.

Team Drizzy

And then there are the Drake fans – dubbed Team Drizzy. This group of diehard loyals supports their leader to the fullest; promoting his songs, proclaiming his talents and fanning those Drizzy-Breezy feud flames.

Most notable member of Team Drizzy: without a doubt the chick that had Drake’s name tatted on her forehead. Remember her?


Katy Perry fans have been calling themselves KatyCats throughout much of the pop star’s six year career, but fully adopted the name after her 2009 Hello Katy tour.

Rihanna Navy

Rihanna may be one of the biggest celebrities on the planet but she would be nothing without her loyal fan base, dubbed the Rihanna Navy. Don’t believe it exists? Just try and make a Twitter move against her. The Navy will cut you down with a quickness. And you better believe RiRi has no problem calling them on you either.


Which celebrity do these fanatics belong to? Believe it or not, Bruno Mars! After the R&B crooner released his debut album “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” his supporters quickly snatched up the name. They’ve since come up with fun little things like a Hooligan dictionary and name for his signature gelled coif.


If you enjoy Ke$ha’s music, you are an Animal – and no, that wasn’t a read. Ke$ha’s diehard fans have really come to refer to themselves as Animals; a term inspired by her debut album of the same name.

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