Keep Your Mouth Shut: 9 Things That You Should Never Brag About

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Random Kendra Anecdote:  In high school I had a continuous flirtation with this guy since our freshman year.  It was pretty harmless, but it was definitely something to look forward to whenever we had a class together.  Our senior year he approached me on a Monday after I had a massive shopping spree that weekend and said:  “Is that a new outfit?  You look really nice in it.”  I was beaming, but for some reason instead of saying thank you, I said:  “It cost [this much].”  His smile slowly faded and he gave me the side eye and was like: “Oookay…”  Feeling his uneasiness I proceeded to name each and every new item that I had one and tell him the monetary value of it while internally I was yelling at myself “Shut up!  Stop talking!  For the love of God, go sit down somewhere!!”

Honestly, I STILL, to this day, do not understand why I did it, but I do know that that was the end of our harmless flirting.

I said all that to say this:  We live in a day and age where you’re supposed to be vocal about your accomplishments, however, there are a few things that if you seem to want to broadcast about yourself is going to turn people off.  So, learn from my poor example and let’s examine these things.

The Amount of Money that you Spent on Clothing Items

I would like to think that my bout with verbal vomit was due to nerves, but if I’m honest with myself I might have been feeling myself a little too much at that time.  Sometimes you might have spent a grip on something that you’re extremely proud of.  The fact that you can afford extravagant things might make you seem like a boss, but in all honesty, bragging about it it kind of makes you seem vapid and is a turn off from all people.  No one wants to be friends with the person who acts like they’re on the “Price is Right” with all of their belongings.

Your (High) Number of Sexual Partners

It is your body, and you should feel free to express/share it as you want, but bragging about the fact that you get around is not a good look.  You have to remember that you are a brand, and you don’t want to tarnish that brand with the impression of promiscuity.  Now, definitely be honest with your sexual partner, but your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers don’t need to know that when Wale wrote the “One Eyed Kitten Song,” it was like he was describing you.

How Much Alcohol You Can Drink

When you first turn 21 and take your first drink, if you’re in college or not, because the experience is so new, you might keep a close eye on your limit, and you’ll want to brag to your friends that you can out drink them.  But as you get older, it doesn’t scream fun, it screams “alcoholic.”

The Fights You’ve Been In

In elementary school you might have  had to put them paws on a few individuals, but as you get older, you’re supposed to learn to use your words.  When you get past the age of 18, it’s no longer fighting, it’s assaulting, a crime0.  Besides, two things go with that:  One, no one wants to be with a live wire, and if they do, that’s not a person you should be friends with (just a thought), and two, after a while, you tell enough people, someone is going to want to test your fighting skills out and will do what they can to provoke you.

How You Quit Your Last Job

Yeah your boss might have been a jerk. And yeah he or she might have deserved that marching band that you paid to go through the office while you march out the building flipping everyone, including the mail room attendant, off.  However, if you do have the gall to do it (please take pictures and send them to me, I’d appreciate the good laugh) don’t tell any and everyone you know.  In this financial climate, sometimes getting a job is more so about who you know, and if you tell your friends about your extravagant/unprofessional way of quitting, they might think secondly when trying to get you a job with them, because your behavior is going to reflect on them.

How You Got Your Revenge

They say that the best revenge is living well, so if you decide to go down the road of bad revenge, then telling other people is pretty much exclaiming that you’re petty and are willing to waste time on insignificant things in your life.  You’re better than that, so try not to even indulge in revenge, let along brag on it.

How You Stole From Others

I knew someone who stole from their family, their old jobs, and from their friends.  But they got upset when I wouldn’t allow them to borrow any of my stuff, and had the nerve to get offended by it.  If you’re that cold to steal from other people and then brag about it, why on earth would anyone want to trust you with anything more than a paper clip?

The Lies You’ve Gotten Away With

This is so sad when this happens.  People get so excited about getting away with things sometimes.  But, a liar is not a thing that you should brag about.  Especially if you consider yourself a “good” liar, because any and everything that comes out of your mouth will be considered a lie to others.  A relationship is built on trust, and if people can’t expect you to be honest over small things, why would they trust what you say on big things?

How Good Your Significant Other Is 

I had to learn this the hard way.  While confiding in someone that I worked with a few years ago about how great my boyfriend was, the very next day she began to flirt with him.  Then propositioned him, while I was in another room working.  When you brag about your significant other, people begin to get curious and will want to try out the goods for themselves.  If you have a great boo, let that stay between the two of you.


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