Celebrities Who Look (And Some Who Just Act) Like They’re On Steroids

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Eating healthy and working out can only build so much natural muscle mass, so how is it that some celebrities go from flab to bulked up fab in short amounts of time with nothing more than (what they claim is) good old fashioned diet and exercise? It makes no sense – especially to those of us who actually diet and exercise… The point is, steroid use is a reality, and these 15 celebs look like they may be living it.


Terry Crews

It’s long been rumored that Terry Crews used steroids to achieve that ridiculously ripped body – but not everyone agrees. Some people think it’s a combination of healthy living, black genes (we already know that’s a plus!), and possible supplement intake. What do you think?


Remember back in 2011 when a man claiming to be Nelly’s ex-manager dished some serious dirt about him going broke over gambling and steroids? The news was shocking… but believable, especially considering we hadn’t seen much of Nelly around that time and he was looking kind of swole. But Nelly quickly dismissed the rumors, declaring “don’t nothing go in this body but fish, chicken, turkey, protein, Rozay, Ciroc, Remy and Budweiser.” Well, now we know.

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s current physique looks absolutely nothing like it did in the 90’s, leading many (including us) to suspect steroid use. Yet Dre has been adamant that his hulk-ish build is nothing than more than the result of two hours of weightlifting per day and personal training from a natural bodybuilder.

Carrot Top

We know that diet and exercise can do wonders, but can it also do miracles? Carrot Top would certainly like us to believe so. After years of being accused, Carrot Top recently admitted to not ‘roiding per se, but supplementing his diet with creatine and whey protein, two well-known muscle builders. We’re not too sure about this one.

Flo Rida

Is it just us or does Flo Rida get bigger every time we see him? We can’t say for sure that it’s steroids, and Flo Rida himself has never admitted to it, but we do wonder… He’s definitely got the barrel chest, but he isn’t as ripply and veiny as steroid users tend to be, so we doubt it. Still, you just never know…


Madge has always been thin and well-toned, but for the past few years she’s been looking unnaturally skinny and entirely too muscular. Her small frame and bulging veins have long made people suspect some chemical assistance. But Madonna has shaken off the haters and embraced her body, revealing that she alternates between Pilates and Yoga 6 days a week and rides horses on Sundays.

LL Cool J

Ladies love cool James, but does cool James love steroids? We certainly hope not… and thankfully in 2006 he calmed our fears a bit. He released a fitness guide and testimonial entitled LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout that revealed many of his fitness secrets. Yes, he works out obsessively and adheres to a strict diet, but he seems to do so naturally. So take that, haters.

50 Cent

For a while there 50 Cent was looking pretty huge – “gorilla juicehead” huge, actually. But despite his size (and despite the fact that he was implicated in a steroid controversy back in 2008) Fiddy has maintained that he does not use steroids, he simply works out, eats well, and lives consciously.

Mark Wahlberg

When trailers were released showing a massive Mark Wahlberg in his newest film Pain & Gain, opening later this year (which is actually about steroid users), the first word to slip from everyone’s lips was steroids. But Marky Mark claims to have packed on the muscle naturally by loading up on calories, hitting the gym obsessively, and taking supplements – lots of supplements.

Dwayne Johnson

Like his Pain & Gain co-star, Dwayne Johnson looks vein-popping-ly humongous in the movie trailer. But when we think about it, Johnson was never that small to begin with. In fact, people had long suspected him of being a steroid user back when he used to wrestle. When Johnson crossed over into acting, he had to actually drop some of the bulk to better fit his movie roles.


Before transforming himself into a certified bodybuilder, Timbaland weighed over 300lbs. To shed the weight and pack on the muscle, Timbaland says, he hired a trainer, committed himself to an intense fitness regime, and changed everything about his eating habits. What Timbaland doesn’t say however, is anything about steroids – though some people have speculated that he uses them…

John Cena

John Cena is so ripped he looks uncomfortable. Isn’t all that muscle heavy? It would have to be a little bit heavy, or at least somewhat cumbersome… Anyway, Cena’s size has become a subject of controversy in recent years, mostly because of a 2007 CNN Special Investigation report on steroid use. During the report, Cena was interviewed and asked whether he’d ever taken performance enhancing drugs, to which he’s heard replying “I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you’ll never prove that I have.”

The next day, WWE accused CNN of taking Cena’s comments out of context and released an unedited version of the interview in which Cena’s answer to the steroid question is “Absolutely not.”

Chris Brown

OK, ok, we know. Chris Brown is probably not on steroids, but throwing chairs out of windows, engaging in bar brawls, and getting into fisticuffs over parking spaces is classic ‘roid rage behavior. Just saying.


When Lil’ Romeo reemerged as Romeo Miller, we couldn’t help but notice how not Lil’ he was anymore – in fact, he was pretty huge. Steroids could’ve been the cause, but we suppose his rock hard abs and chiseled pecs are naturally – though certainly not easily – attainable for a young man his age.

Charlie Sheen

If Charlie Sheen’s crazy antics and violent outbursts seemed like ‘roid rage, it’s because they probably were ‘roid rage. Last year, Sheen admitted to taking steroids while filming Major League, but given his penchant for recreational drug use who’s to say he doesn’t still take them?

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