Give Us Free! 9 Things That Run Through Your Mind On A Friday

February 15, 2013  |  
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Oh Friday, always the best day of the week. You’re about to get your freedom back, for at least a couple of days, and you’re ready to make the most of it. But if you could just get out of work or make it through happy hour! Here are nine things that go through our minds on a Friday, and chances are, at least a few run through yours as well. Have a great weekend dolls!

I can’t wait to go to bed…

I don’t know about you, but this is probably my number one thought starting the minute I walk in the door at work up to the minute I walk back in the door of my home. Because I spend most of my evenings during the week playing games by Instagram stalking and getting to know my new tablet, I usually don’t get to bed until the early hours of the morning. Therefore, every morning for me is a struggle, maybe that’s why by Friday evening I’m so thirsty to put my face on a cool pillow and dream my Friday evening away. I’m usually fiending for sleep by 3 p.m. That time post lunch and around that time of boredom at work where you’re fighting to keep your eyes open.

I can’t wait to take my a** home…

Even if you don’t want to sleep, or even if you want to hang out with friends after work, after spending the day in somebody’s office and the evening in somebody’s bar, who doesn’t want to be back in their own element at home? You can lay in your own bed, watch your own television, have access to your own food, and walk around in nothing if you want to. And of course, there’s nothing better than relieving yourself in your own bathroom (Because you don’t know what type of germs people are passing in public bathrooms)…

Gym or drinks?

Look at you, you want to do the right thing by putting on your Nikes, your tights, wrapping up your hair and hitting the gym. Hell, you even brought your gym bag to work. But the bar is calling you, and so are your friends and co-workers who want to talk crazy outside of office confines and show you their reckless and ratchet side. As the time to clock out looms closer, if you’re not thinking about hitting your Sealy mattress with some Netflix, you might be trying to get fit, or get it in.

What are my Saturday plans?

To wake up early or not wake up early? To go to the gym in the morning or not go to the gym? To go shopping for some sales or clean the house? The weekend is yours for the taking as opposed to the work week, so you might want to take some time out before Friday is over  with to figure out what the next day will bring. As you know, the hours available during the weekend fly by so if you do want to do something (if you decide you’ll bum it out, kudos to you), you better plan before you wake up on Saturday and it’s already 4 p.m.

Is it pay day Friday!?

Nothing makes a Friday that much more worth celebrating than a check! You don’t have to turn on Johnny Kemp, but a little extra money in your wallet might put some extra pep in your step. It might even finally push you to buy that pair of shoes you’ve wanted, go out to eat, or, you know, pay those bills that have been waiting for you. Boooo! But everybody knows a Friday is a fun day when money is coming in.

Did I get all my work done..?

Throwing papers time! By mid-day Friday, who doesn’t feel like flipping a table and running out of the office? When it’s time to go home your mind is no longer on work, so it’s best to be proactive in the early hours of work, because post lunch, you and I both know you’re not about to be doing a damn thing. But if you do decide to get a little lazy on a long Friday, that’s fine, just don’t make it an every week thing, or you’ll be finding yourself looking for jobs on Fridays…

Do I want to cook?

Is it a fast food night or are you trying to warm some food up? A lady never gets all the way home without thinking about her next best move–what is a girl to eat!? From picking up some Chipotle to smash at home or warming up some leftovers from the other night, it’s time to plan for the rest of the evening, and a good hot meal, whether from your fridge or from the Italian eatery by your job, is in the works. Save time or save money?

Maybe I should reward myself…?

It’s been a long week hasn’t it? And you made it without having to curse some folks out. Congratulations! Every now and then after a long five days (or more) of pulling more than eight hours of work, you have to do something nice for yourself. Finished that tedious project? Go ahead and get yourself some ice cream (Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche is a must). Buy yourself a new dress for getting your work done early. Go get yourself a pedicure after standing on your feet for hours. It never hurts (well, maybe your wallets).

Time to catch up on my shows!

So you’re home and you’re feeling good. No more bosses breathing down your neck, no more work commitments to think about. You’re about to do you, boo. If you’ve missed the last episode of Scandal or Girls, or want to watch that much talked about Lifetime movie, you now have the time and energy to devote to paying attention to what matters: Olivia Pope’s always dramatic yet encapsulating love life. Score!


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