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We’ve all heard the saying “You have to kiss a few toads before you meet your prince” and likewise you have to date different types of guys to decide who is or isn’t right for you. Some of the guys you date may have potential, while others are potentially all wrong, but still each provide a lesson worth learning or a good time worth having.

You can date all great guys and never really appreciate them because you’ve never experienced a relationship with a bad one. You can say all men are immature but it wouldn’t be a fair accusation if you have never explored a relationship with an older man.  This is all to say that you should at least consider your dating options before deciding who or what is your type.

1. Mr. Boris Kodjoe or Idris Elba (depending on your flavor)

He could be shallow or have a lot of women. While you may not want to consider getting too serious with him to avoid the heartbreak, you can at least enjoy his presence for a few dates.  Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy a little eye-candy; and there is nothing wrong with dating a man solely based on his looks, at least once.


2. Mr. Personality

Some men are good to look at while others are simply good to talk to. Every woman should date a man solely based on his personality at least once, even if she’s not physically attracted to him.

Looks aren’t everything but most times we can’t see ourselves dating anyone we don’t find at least somewhat attractive; but it’s okay to give the guy you find somewhat disturbing to look at a try if you think his conversation is compatible. Maybe there won’t be a love connection; but at least you get stimulating conversation.


3. The Younger Guy

Who says Stella can’t get her groove back while she’s under the age of 40? You don’t have to be a certain age to date younger. Of course, to avoid any legal issues, the person you’re dating should be of certain age, though. There are plenty of 30-year old women who don’t shun away the 22-year old because of the age difference. Maybe he isn’t ready to see you down the aisle, but who says he can’t show you a good time?

4. The Older Man

The younger guy may be for fun while the older guy may be ready for a mature situation. He can possibly take you places you’ve never been and teach you things you have yet to learn, after all, he has a few years under his belt. So maybe you don’t want to date someone near your parents’ age, but going a few years older (at least six or more) can be a good thing for your dating life.


5. Total Opposites

You eat healthy and he considers a McDonald’s chicken sandwich a healthy option. You love to shop and usually put a lot of thought into your appearance. He still has jeans from college (and he graduated 10 years ago). You seem to have less in common than most, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically wrong for each other.

In your dating life, consider talking to men who may not like the same music, food, or clothes as you. Maybe if you have common values and morals, it can overshadow the opposite characteristics.


6. The Man of Another Race/Culture

Many black women are slowly getting the memo that it’s okay to explore “something new” with a man of a different race. Many women kiss the ground that their black man walks on without seeing if a man of another race is just as worthy of your time and love.

If not to marry, it’s worth an interesting date. If a man of another race is flirting with you, flirt back. And if he asks you on a date, go!

7. The Bad Boy

Some may disagree, but most women have or still have an obsession with a bad boy. Maybe you can’t take him home to meet the fam, but you can at least enjoy the rush of being around him.

Dating a bad boy doesn’t mean being stupid and finding yourself behind bars while he’s on a ‘bad-boy escapade’. If only for one date, you should at least tickle your curiosity and go out with a man who is the exact opposite of someone you want your daughter or future daughter to ever date.

8.  The Good Guy

Hey, you can’t okay the bad boy without trying a nice guy as well. He doesn’t have all the edge that some women go gaga over, but he’s got a kind heart and is in touch with his feelings, which is always a plus compared to the Let-me-put-up-a-brick-wall-because-I-don’t-care-what-you’re-talking-about dudes. While you couldn’t take the bad boy home to meet mom, the good guy will be a pleasant surprise to your family and in the end, could be the best type of guy for you–if you’re willing to give this sweet guy a chance.

9. The Artistic Fella

From the painter to the musician, the writer or the struggling photographer, artistic dudes can easily impress you (sometimes right out of your drawls). They have a spirited passion in their craft as well as in the world around them, and if you’re lucky, they might include you in their work and even write a song for you. But be prepared to get the side eye if you let the musician know that your iPod is filled with some ratchetness that is not of the Indie inspiration but more on the Trinidad James level–he’ll probably judge you…

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