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We all have a song or two that we just can’t stand. Sometimes the radio plays a jam one time too often. Sometimes the beat isn’t exactly on point. And sometimes, the lyrics are the problem. It may not be the whole song we’re over, but there are choruses and phrases we’re just sick of or that make no amount of sense at all. Check out our list of 10 rap phrases that we don’t want to hear anymore.

“Popped a Molly”

Rap music may need an intervention. Apparently, Molly is the new hot drug in the street. Rappers spit about it so much, white people get on the Internet and Google “who is Molly?” They know Molly as MDMA and they’ve been losing their minds on the designer drug since the late eighties.

Rappers like Juicy J talk about popping a Molly in almost every song. And all I want to know is can we move on and talk about something different? ‘Cause ya’ll sound like a broken record. No? Well get back at us when ya’ll are done getting high.


Rap is supposed to be about lyrical creativity and innovation. This is an official rapper PSA to say ya’ll are dropping the ball. Lil’ Wayne is “Swag Surfin,'” Odd Future needs you to “Swag Me Out,” Fabolous was the “Swag Champ” and Lil’ B says that “I Own Swag”. The list goes on and on.
Swag was cool once upon a time, but at this point it’s been done to death. Now white kids, teachers, people’s grandmamas, fourth graders on Twitter and everyone and their mama are saying it. It is officially time to come up with something new to say.

“Red Bottoms”

All this focus on Christian Louboutins is not only old, it has some sisters twisted. They listen to the lyrics and then spend three months’ rent on a pair of last season’s Louboutin’s they rock until they wear through the red soles. In the mean time, the baby is rocking knock-off Nikes from Payless.

And can we talk about Miss “Long Heels Red Bottoms” herself? Trina filed for bankruptcy in 2005 and the bank took her house back. Now she’s being sued for $50 million for backing out of a contract. Maybe she should put some of her paper in the bank instead of into Christian Louboutin’s pocket.

“Pop That for a Real N—a”

Sigh. I thought we were over the stripper anthems. Those chicks have reality shows now. Do we really have to hear about them in lyrics too? When the beat is nice and this is on in the club, I end up singing along. There have to be better lyrics about dancing than p-poppin.

“Bust It Open”

Have you ever heard a lil’ bit listening to the radio and singing along to a song like Lil’ Wil’s “Bust It Wide Open?” It’s enough to make you want to establish a gospel-only music policy in your house. I know some of these rappers have daughters. How do they explain these lyrics?

“Let Me See It”

Just the visuals alone are enough to make you want to change the station. I don’t understand why lyrics have to get so graphic. Even in a strip club anthem, these lyrics seem a little extreme. I know I’m not the only one who used to dance to these club hits with just no shame…d-mn you UGK.

“Start Twerking”

Did you know that there is a white girl with a YouTube video teaching chicks how to twerk? Apparently it’s the new hottness in the fairer areas of the suburbs. There’s even a Tumblr dedicated to gifs of people twerking. When did this become the next big internet trend? I blame the Ying Yang Twins for this whole mess.

“She Gave Me Dome”

Rappers: very time you get sloppy toppy from a chick we don’t need to hear about it e. And now that every rapper’s side chick is on Twitter or reality TV, we probably know who it’s from. Now when I hear Kanye say “she gave me dome twice” I gotta think about Kim Kardashian. Gross.


I don’t know when it started, but one day every rapper and their mama started plugging Benihana. I’m not hating on Benihana because it’s not delicious, it is. I’m mad because rappers are giving away their royalties. Somebody needs to get on contacting Benihana to fatten up those royalty checks. Rappers are almost solely responsible for keeping that restaurant popular.

Thug Life

Very few rappers rapping about the thug life are actually living it. Most of them are making millions, working in the studio all night and raising families in the suburbs all day. But they keep rapping about the “thug life” and get confused. Next thing you know, Rick Ross can’t finish his concert date because the real thugs are tired of his mouth. Twitter beef is not the thug life. Neither is jet setting around the world from concert to concert or shopping at YSL.
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