All Grown Up: Can You Guess Who These Children Were Before They Were Stars?

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How much different do you look compared to when you were a kid? For some celebs, they look VERY different (plastic surgery and extravagant weaves can do that to you), but most look like big girl versions of themselves. Can you tell out of the seven women here in this slideshow, who is who? Only some hard staring (and some clicking) will tell! Let’s hop to it.

Okay, so how many people rocked this side braid or puffy ponytail back in the day? Everyone you say? It never failed, on a bad hair day, just pull your hair to one side and get that Blue Magic on it…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. This little cutie with a bright smile is a reality star nowadays who is as much known for her love life as she is for her skills on the runway and in the magazines.  She’s spunky and loves to change up her hair as much as she likes to change up her style. Those light eyes and sass have captivated a lot of people, including Tyra Banks. So who is she?

Eva Marcille

It’s your girl, Eva Marcille! The America’s Next Top Model winner and Girlfriend Confidential LA star was definitely an adorable kid. But as you can tell, she outgrew the whole long hair thing and now keeps it short and funky. But as you can see by the above outfit, her love for colorful attire hasn’t changed as she’s gotten older.

A Yale graduate, this cute kid, pictured here with her pops, is a one-of-a-kind actress and beauty in Hollywood. Not only has she done her share of work on television, but she has been in a number of films that are some of our favorites, always playing the strong black female character. She’s also had the chance to try her hand at theater, excelling in that area, even picking up a Tony nomination. Her mother is an actress and dancer, and her father is a famed producer who has worked on a slew of classic television shows.

Sanaa Lathan

It’s Sanaa Lathan! The 41-year-old actress, who looks a lot like a 30-year-old, was daddy’s little girl, and daddy’s little twin (check the eyes). And it’s obvious that her family’s love of acting and Hollywood is what got her excited about performing on the big stage, the silver screen and the big screen. Lathan was recently working on the second season of Boss on the Starz channel, but unfortunately the show was just canceled. However, we know that the beauty will find something bigger and better very soon.

Check out the baby hair on this baby! Smooth…This young lady grew up to be a very lauded actress after years of being very underrated and playing the homegirl or the girlfriend. The actress finally got her big break playing a colorful humanoid in a very, VERY popular James Cameron film of recent, and as her success has grown, that cute toothy smile has gotten brighter. So who is she?

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana! The former Calvin Klein spokeswoman, one of Vogue‘s Best Dressed people of 2012, and one of the official “It” girls of Hollywood is everywhere nowadays. From trying her hand at being an action star, to dating one of People‘s Sexiest Men Alive, Bradley Cooper, Saldana is definitely WINNING with a capital W.

Oh how time has changed this beautiful little lady. Once seen in her innocent school girl uniform, this child grew up to be a very raunchy star known for spitting hot fire and rocking with the best in hip-hop. Her style is definitely iconic for being all over the place, and even after years and years, and ups and downs, in this business, she has a strong fan following. So who is this little lady?

Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim of course. The Brooklyn-born MC has been through hell and high water and still managed to keep people talking through and after all of it. Her appearance has definitely changed, but we’re sure the little girl in the uniform is still inside of her somewhere trying to get out. But seriously Kim, no more plastic surgeries or bodily alterations. You might be able to take a few more, but I can’t say that we can…

I’m sure that if you stare hard enough at this picture, you’ll be able to figure out who this young lady is. It’s all in the eyes, folks. This chick grew up to be a very popular international musician, working with everybody from Lil Wayne to Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana and more big names. After being around since the early ’90s, it took this young woman a while to gain the type of success her talent deserves, but we can happily say that she’s a household name now. So who is she?


Shakira! Funny what going blonde can do to you/for you. The beautiful singer who had us jamming like fools to “Hips Don’t Lie” was a pretty young thing, and has grown up to be a gorgeous gal. As of right now, she’s definitely living the life, as she’s pregnant with her first child with handsome footballer boo, Gerard Piqué. Plus, she’s signed on to be managed by Roc Nation Management, and she’s slated to take over Christina Aguilera’s chair on The Voice next season.

This should be an easy one people! This little lady with her beautiful skin is another actress who was for years extremely underrated, as most black actresses are, but finally got some love from the Academy after sharing the big screen with Meryl Streep and years of being a Broadway favorite. She’s a gracious, grateful and amazing woman who has found a way to step out in front in the Hollywood pack and influence a slew of younger black women. Who is she?

Viola Davis

It’s the very wonderful Viola Davis. The actress had a standout year after picking up a bevvy of nominations for her work in The Help, and we can’t wait to see what other great performances she has in the works for us. Such an eloquent woman, I feel like she takes us to church every time she has to give a speech. Hey V!

This little lady should also be a dead giveaway. Once crowned by friends and her record label as the princess of hip-hop and R&B, this singer has seen herself on top, but has also found herself on the bottom after leaving her label and trying to combat new competition around her. But she’s managed to maintain a pretty upbeat and fun personality and sense of humor. And if the rumors aren’t true, she’s also been able to maintain a pretty FIONE rapper as her arm candy. So who is this former The Wiz (on Broadway) star?


Of course, those cheeks were a giveaway. It’s Ashanti! Despite the griping of people who didn’t want to see her back on top, Ashanti has found herself having an exceptionally great year. She’s put out a new album, announced that she will executive produce and be the host of a FUSE TV entertainment show called “Fuse News,” and by 2013, will have a recurring role on the show Army Wives.

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