Where Are They Now: The Black Women from “The Bad Girls Club” (Part 1)

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On November 5th, 2012, Oxygen wrapped up the 9th season of “The Bad Girls Club” with a 3 part reunion.  While watching it I realized how far (or low, depending on your way of seeing things) this show has come.  In 2006, Oxygen premiered the very first season of “Bad Girls Club” and created a show that has simultaneously caused entertainment and controversy.  Some people have blamed the show for glorifying violence and teaching women and young girls that fighting is a solution to a problem.  But, however you look at it, it draws viewers in with each season.  Now that the show is about to go into its 10th season in Atlanta, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane and see where some of them have ended up?

SEASON ONE presented the show as a way of trying to help the ladies to fix their negative behaviors.


Ty Colliers

Season one was memorable for two things.  That Ripsi rampage, and that beach fight.  When the ladies went to the beach, and fellow bad girl Aimee refused to help carry the beach equipment to the car, this created a thorn in Ty’s side.  Not being one to expect people to read her mind, she not only told Aimee how she felt, but she also served her a two piece with a biscuit, causing her to be ejected from the house.

According to Sandrarose.com, in 2008 she was… hustling in the world’s first profession.  But as Phaedra Parks would say:  “Every saint has a past and sinner has a future,” so no judgment!  She graduated college and was working on a memoir entitled “Love Me or Hate Me.”  She’s a mother now, and it seems she puts her daughter first instead of indulging in current bad girl shenanigans, so good deal.

Leslie Ramsue

Leslie was trying to make a change in her life from being a stripper so she began pursuing her degree and a modeling contract while on the show.  She tried to keep Ty from fighting and was greatly affected when she had to leave.  Once she realized that none of the girls were on anything, she voluntarily left the show.  But came back for the spin-off “Bad Girls Club Road Trip.”

She became a model, enjoys going to the gun range and appeared on the show Mystery ER as a nurse.

Andrea Laing

After graduating college, Andrea Laing decided to give “Bad Girls Club” a try.  Her stay on the show was short lived (3 episodes), but she popped up again near the end.

After BGC she started modeling, acting, and hosting interviews.

SEASON 2 – The introduction of “Pop Off” and “Rollin’ Dolo” to America’s lexicon

Tanisha Thomas

I don’t think it’s bold to say that Tanisha is the Bad Girl who put the show on the map.  Her initial reactions of yelling, hitting pots and pans and declaring “Pop off, son!” made her a polarizing figure with viewers.  The purpose of the BGC is to put alpha females under one roof, and allow their experiences with each to create a change in them, and by the end of Season 2 the Phat lady (with fat pockets) was able to walk away from fights (while getting falsely arrested for trying to end one).

After the show, Tanisha left the pots and pans and went on to banging the scene.  Tanisha appeared in multiple reality shows (Celebrity Fit Club, Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List, and a cameo on the 3rd season of Bad Girls Club).  Because she helped to grow the Bad Girls brand she became the host of the “Bad Girls Club” spin-off  “Love Games:  Bad Girls Need Love Too.”  Speaking of love, on her own show “Tanisha Gets Married,” she married her long time boo, Clive Muir, and she got the job of hosting the BGC reunions (replacing Perez Hilton).  On top of all that, she’s designing a plus size clothing line, writing a cook book “Tanisha Thomas: A Guide to being Fit, Thick and Fabulous,” and is about to put out a cosmetic line.


Melissa “Lyric” Greene

The “goddess, artist, lyrically retarded” Lyric came to the BGC after being arrested for theft the day before coming to LA.  During her time on the show she promoted peace, but taught people how to stab fat people, and introduced the phrase “rollin’ dolo” to me.  After the fighting and tension got to be too much, she left the show, to regain her peace.   The next time she appeared at the reunion she told Tanisha:  “You’re a cheeseburger away from being obese.”

After the reunion she went back to rapping, but started doing motivational speaking engagements about her past and how she turned her life around.  According to her twitter she seems to have settled down and jumped the broom.

SEASON 3– The Introduction of Bullying

Tiffany Davis

Tiffany had sort of a roller coaster relationship with viewers.  Though people loved her for being real, viewers were giving her the side-eye when she teamed up with some of the girls, creating the “Fab 5,” and targeting the Ambers.  But, she regained viewers when she addressed how ridiculous the Fab 5 had gotten.

After the show she went back to her acting roots and started appearing in theatrical productions.  She was the lead in several plays and appeared as the lead in music videos.  She was romantically linked to Chingy for a small minute, but it turned out to just be rumors.  She continues to make club appearances, does motivational speaking engagements to encourage girls called “From Bad Girl to a Good Woman,” and she had a daughter of her own.

Kayla “KC” Carter

The hard shelled girl who seemed to be a ball of emotions inside came on the show scarred by past relationships with family members, boyfriends and friends.  After getting into a fight she left the show.

After the show, along with doing club appearances, she started doing print modeling, performing poetry and designed a clothing line named KCouture.  She appeared on an episode of MTV’s “Next,” and she went back to school and is in the process of getting her degree.

SEASON 4– The Introduction to the phrase:  “I Run LA!”

Natalie Nunn

Now, if Tanisha made Bad Girls Club famous, Natalie Nunn definitely made it infamous.  She caused a stir before the show aired when photos of her and Mr. Breezy popped up, then upped the ante by saying some derogatory comments against Ms. Fenty (though she did apologize).  Then, the episode where Portia attacked her was the highest rated episode that season, but due to fighting, Natalie left the show two episodes from the end.

She went back to “running LA” by continuing to run her boutique, and dating celebrity men.  But, in perfect bad girl form she also beefed with these men and their next girlfriends.  She continues to hustle, signs endorsement deals and though she participated in the second season of Love Games, she just had a three episode arc on Bridezilla where she married her football boo, Jacob Payne.

Portia Beaman

The integral part to that infamous fight with Natalie, Portia was very opinionated and let Natalie know exactly what she thought about her.  But once the comments about her daughter came up, Portia, well… you know.

People were excited for a round two at the reunion, but when Portia came out pregnant with her second child, people knew better than to expect fisticuffs.  She’s married now, raising her family, and still does club promotions.

Kendra James

She was Natalie’s partner in crime until the two crossed paths again in San Diego.  Kendra was enthralled by the high life, but was very likable to viewers for always standing up for the underdog.

After the show, she continued to make appearances, she was on the first season of Love Games, and was rumored to be with Fantasia’s ex-boyfriend, Antwuan Cook.  During a run in with a bouncer, she was arrested, but the charges were dropped in 2011.  Now, she’s in a relationship and is attempting to not be defined by the mistakes she made on “Bad Girls Club.”  But you can read her personal interview talking about her change here.


Look out for part 2 where we catch up with the girls from Seasons 5-8.

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