Oh My Damn, You Fine! 10 Men Whose Good Looks Snuck Up On Us

November 15, 2012  |  
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Ever looked at someone and at first glance, they were just okay, but at a different angle, in a different situation, or whatever happened, they all of a sudden looked good as all get out? It happens more than we think, especially when a man gets a makeover, grows some nice muscles we didn’t see coming and puts some Chapstick on (I was kidding on that last one, but it does help!). Check out these 10 fellas whose good looks crept up on us and now we just can’t get enough. Call a sista!


I guess if you’ve been a ride or die fan of Nas since Illmatic, you probably picked up on the fact that Nas is more than just a man who can rhyme very well, he’s a FINE man who can rhyme very well. I think it was just the very baggy clothes and the ruggedness back then that had some scratching their heads when other women would squeal, “GIRL, Nas is FINE!” But the older he gets, the more we hear that voice, the more we can’t help but wish we knew Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones a little better outside of the music. And granted, we’re not fans of the way things fell apart with Kelis, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that those lips are a gift. Man oh man…

Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Okay, so Ali Shaheed wasn’t the most vocal member of a Tribe Called Quest ever, but the DJ and former Lucy Pearl member definitely made us do a double take after watching the documentary, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. He was well-spoken and deep about the drama that occurred over the years in his former group, and we couldn’t help but notice that he was fine as hell. The stare, the bald head, sometimes covered by crocheted beanies, the lips, the smile, the fact that he is/was a DJ (and he’s a dope one, I’ve seen him do his thing here in Brooklyn) were all very alluring to a sista. Hey Ali!

Coby Bell

The character of Jason Pitts on “The Game” doesn’t have too many endearing qualities to make you like him. He’s cheap, he’s arrogant, and he can be a complete mess at times. But the man who plays the irritating character, Coby Bell,  is too cute to not put out there once and for all. And don’t even get me started on the early years of Bell’s career when he had hair and was starring on “Third Watch.” Delicious much? And in real life, the actor is nothing like the characters he portrays, and I dig that he’s a great father and a good husband (to a black wife, okay!?). Now if he could just get off “The Game” because that’s a sinking ship…


Marlon Wayans

For so many years, people used to watch “The Wayans Bros.” and swoon over Shawn Wayans and his good looks (while others thought he was gay), but the person I slowly but surely started feeling was Marlon. Well, after he cut those terrible twists out of his hair, of course. He was funny, he was actually pretty cute, and let’s face it, he’s what pretty much kept this show on the air for as long as it could go. But Marlon isn’t the only Wayans brother whose looks deserve more recognition. Damon has been good looking since we first noticed him on “In Living Color” (and his son, Damon Wayans Jr. is a cutie too), and Kenan caught some swexy glances after Low Down Dirty Shame. And with a total of 10 brothers and sisters, I’m sure there’s more good lookin’ family members we haven’t even seen yet.

Method Man

Okay, so personally, I don’t really see the fine factor in this one, and that’s probably because Method Man has a habit of talking crazy as hell sometimes, but for years I’ve watched many women admire the sex appeal of this fella. Maybe many people like the rough and rugged with a side of weedhead look he often showcases, and with a good haircut, he actually looks pretty good too, but he’s definitely been catching many glances. Cleaned up or looking like Oscar the Grouch straight up out the garbage can, M-E-T-H-O-D Man certainly still has his admirers.

Van Jones

The former advisor to President Obama for “Green Jobs,” Anthony Kapel Jones  felt the need to resign from his position in 2009 after conservatives tried to muddy his name over past affiliations in politics. I didn’t get to learn too much about him around that time, but after tuning into MSNBC damn near daily to watch the pundits discuss this past election season, my eyes were blessed. I didn’t miss him when he resigned, but I miss him now, because Van Jones is a beautiful black man (and that bald head is like a shiny Milk Dud). He’s smart, he’s outspoken and he cares about the environment. He’s like my bootleg Shazza Zulu, but with no hair. *swoons*

Tom Hardy

Did anybody else watch Inception and think to themselves: “WHO IS THAT!?” Well, that’s at least what crossed my mind when my eyes came across English actor Tom Hardy in his well-tailored suits and with those plump lips. Brad Pitt’s pout might have some competition! In everyday life, Hardy doesn’t stay dressed like his character in the movie, and in fact, and he’s a lot bigger in muscle mass after being in movies like Warrior and playing Bane in the last installment of The Dark Knight, but the man still has mad sex appeal no matter what he’s doing. Just not with a ponytail. I peeped that he gets lazy with his hair from time to time, but the high ponytail isn’t where it’s at. Just saying.

Jim Jones

Now, Jimmy isn’t really fine to me per se, but I know many a woman who jumped on his bandwagon when he cut those awful braids off and stepped up his style a little. But seriously, the man’s braids used to look like he didn’t believe in doo-rags, and he would hit red carpets with sweat stains bigger than puddles of water after an afternoon rainfall. But his look has definitely been upgraded. Not to mention, I don’t think anyone was complaining when he had that random shower scene in an episode of “Love & Hip Hop” that gave us a glimpse of a body that was kind of looking riiiiiiiight.

Wesley Jonathan
I remember Wesley from his days on “City Guys” back in the late ’90s, and back then, he was just okay. But I just happen to have a low-key obsession with the very terrible but lovable movie Roll Bounce, and when I spotted Jonathan in the movie with abs hard as hell, pectorals poppin’ and that beautiful fro, I was smitten. I later noticed that he also has a very lovable smile and a good sense of humor. I guess you have to be able to laugh at yourself with some of the movie roles he gets stuck with these days. Either way, he could be my boo.

A few years ago, as just another Chicago resident, I didn’t look at Common as more than anything but a stellar MC with a nice smile and a love for very Neo-Soul attire. It wasn’t until I really got a good look at him in a few acting roles and with that bald head finally just out and about that I realized that Lonnie Rashid Lynn was fine, but like, FIONE with an “o.” Though he tries to play tough from time to time (remember that random beef with Drake?), he seems more of a wonderful lover than a fighter, and his way with words is definitely attractive. After years of being slept on, Common gets those “I’m thinking something naughty” looks from all the gals.


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