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Feel like going surfing? Sorry, but that’s for white people. How about some golf instead? Nope sorry, once again that’s too white. You’re going to eat salad for dinner? Nope, that’s white people food. How about fried chicken instead?.. Yes, this sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it? Believe it or not, people still have to deal with this sort of negative feedback everyday. As much as we all know that a person’s character should not be defined by their race, we still see it happen time and time again. This friend is an Oreo, that person is whitewashed, that girl thinks she white. We all agreed with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he said that people should be judged on the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. It’s unfair for people to think you are a certain way based on your race. So why do some black people still think it’s okay to do this is a reverse way? In other words, they think that a person’s character should be a certain way based on their race and to be any other way is not being black enough. Either way, they’re both unfair. That’s why it’s time dismiss some of these unfair judgments about black people that some people call “being white.”

Liking Rock Music

Say what?? They’re going to a rock concert?? They must be washed! Okay, Sorry, I didn’t realize that only black people make good music. Since when do you have to be white to appreciate good music? Good lyrics, good melodies, good beats are all just characteristics of good music, no matter what genre it comes from. Just because someone can appreciate music artistry, no matter what genre of music it comes from,  doesn’t mean that they don’t act black or are white washed. In fact, some of the best musicians and producers are great at what they do because of their wide variety of musical tastes.

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Dating White People

“Might date another race or color, it doesn’t mean I don’t like my strong black brother!” Thank you En Vogue for telling people to free your mind and be colorblind! If only more people would actually listen…in this case, it is important to acknowledge that yes there are black people who openly admit that they don’t want to date their own race. However, “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch”…which also happens to be another famous saying, but yet again, people don’t listen! To sum things up, you shouldn’t use these types of people as a way to judge every black person who dates a white person.

Using words “Like,” “Dude” or “Awesome”

Why should you say “yo” if you’re not used to saying yo?…as the saying goes, you are a product of your environment. Just because people say “like” or “dude” a lot, it doesn’t mean that they’re trying to be something they’re not. Most people can’t help what rolls off their tongue. It’s almost like accents…you just can’t help it. People need to stop treating “black” as if it’s some sort of country that if you come from. Black people come from all over the globe and therefore sound and speak differently as a result. If anything, forcing yourself to use words that you might not be used to would be trying to be something you’re not.

using slang when speaking

So being black means you can’t speak proper English? This one is almost like the last one except now you’re not even supposed to connect your words together properly either? Expecting people to use slang when they speak is actually an insult to all black people. It means that you expect black people to sound like they can’t speak proper English on purpose. Its one thing if you can’t help how you speak based on where you’re from, but to expect people to purposely ruin their English is completely over the top. In the big picture, that’s not going to help them at all…

Having a lot of white friends

Just because you have a lot of white friends, it doesn’t mean it’s because you don’t want to have black friends or have something against having black friends. It could just mean that you haven’t had the opportunity to be around a lot of black people because of where you grew up, the school you went to, or where you work. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of black people who have a lot of white friends still get along with black people if given the chance…


This “sport” follows the same stereotypes as hockey, golf, and swimming. Black people just aren’t expected to do them…but seriously, if people followed what they’re “supposed to do,” then we wouldn’t have women like Serena and Venus Williams change the world of tennis forever. Let people do what they want, after all, they might just be the first to enter the record books, acting as a role model for all young people to just simply follow their dreams no matter what it is.

Growing up in a good neighborhood

Don’t hate the player…hate the game. Just because someone has been successful enough to raise their family in an affluent or good neighborhood, it doesn’t mean you should try to bring them down for it. This one just has jealousy written all over it. Sorry to say, but people who hate on those doing well are just bitter about their own situation. They were unable to create a better life for themselves and therefore accuse people who raise their kids in affluent neighborhoods or the suburbs as trying to be white or denying where they come from. Since when does being black mean you have to live in the ghetto?

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