They Got A Big Ego: Groups Who Let Ego (Or Pride Or Jealousy) Tear Them Apart!

September 2, 2012  |  
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I really hate when I, a music junkie, am made to suffer because members of my favorite groups cannot seem to get along.  Selfish? Perhaps but when you’re in a group, you have to realize that there is someone who’s the better singer or performer and you cannot let the group suffer because you’re all up in your feelings. Check out some of our favorite groups who have let ego, pride, anger, jealousy and anything else you can think of get in the way of us enjoying them together.

Boyz II Men

They were one of the most important groups in modern music and easily one of the most popular R&B acts of the last 20 years.  But when it came down to it, group fighting kept them from remaining a quartet.  Mike aka “Bass” ended up having a health condition that kept him from performing with the group so he decided to take some time off. However, when he decided to return, he and Shawn apparently were no longer friends. In fact, they had an actual fight and when it was all said and done, Mike was reportedly kicked out of the group.  Signs of good singing? They still sound great as a trio.

En Vogue

Twenty years later and we’re still watching the battles unfold with everyone’s favorite girl group.  At first, it was all good but as most of us know, rumors of Dawn’s nasty attitude as well as her believing she was the “superstar” resulted in her no longer being in the group after about two or three albums.  Maxine, Cindy and Terry went on as a trio for a little while but decided they needed another member.  They had a couple of replacement members for years before a reunion a couple of years ago brought the original four back together. It was seemingly all good. But just last month, Dawn announced that she and Maxine would be leaving the group to start their version of EV while Cindy and Terry would start their version of EV.  No, no, no! Why are all these 50 year old women still going at it like this? Why do they continue to ruin what was once so great?


Mobb Deep

Havoc and Prodigy have  just recently been added to this list. A few months ago, some very harsh words came from Havoc’s Twitter account about Prodigy and what happened to him while he was in jail.  Havoc originally said that he’d lost his phone and someone else posted those tweets however, he admitted last month that he is the one who tweeted everything about Prodigy.  The group has “temporarily” broken up and Hav0c continues to attack Prodigy via Twitter.  Unfortunately, I don’t see this dying down anytime soon nor do I see them making up.



Hit after hit and album after album just wasn’t enough to keep these ladies together.  According to Jermaine Dupri, creator of the group, they just couldn’t get along and he had no choice but to break them up. But that’s not the story group member Tamika Scott remembers; she says the group broke up because Kandi was having an intimate relationship with Jermaine and that spilled over into their work.  Allegedly, Kandi wanted more lead vocals but Jermaine wouldn’t do it because he knew the Scott sisters had the more powerful voices.  Big mistake. Kandi left the group and they disbanded totally after that. Kandi said last year that it has been a very long time since she’s spoken to the Scott sisters.


This duo, sadly, didn’t last very long at all but left us with three albums (two studio and one live).  Stories seem to conflict: Floacist Natalie Stewart says their manager wasn’t doing his job and she fired him without consulting Marsha who was very loyal to him and that resulted in her leaving the group. Marsha says Natalie was jealous that she’d gotten a solo deal and that’s why she left the group.  By all accounts, they’ve only spoken once since the break-up and there have been two reinventions of Floetry over the last few years.  I wish they could get it together and give us one final album.

A Tribe Called Quest

Ohhhh, the Tribe.  The group that has meant more to hip-hop music than they’ll ever know.  Off an On fighting between Q-tip and Phife Dawg is very well documented.  Phife has left the group more than once usually returning to see if they can bring some magic back in order to do special performances.  If you can believe it, they still owe their record label more albums but I don’t see that ever happening.

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