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Back in the day, we had some of the best shows on television.  The thing about it is that almost no two shows were alike and you could ALWAYS find something to watch. Let’s check out a list of shows we’d love to see back but here’s the twist: Most of the old cast members are old or have passed so…let’s revamp the cast!  In the comments, play along and share who you’d like to see in our new and improved tv shows! Oh and keep in mind that this is a starter list of shows and you can feel free to say what other shows you’d like to see come back! Let’s go!

A Different World

Well Debbie Allen is ready for this one to come back but she wants the old cast members! I’m not sure what they’d be doing though because by the time the show ended, all the main characters were already out of college.  I would keep Mr. Gaines as the owner of The Pit though because he is classic! I’d look to younger actors and actresses like Keke Palmer, Tyler James Williams and others to round out the cast that would play people like Dwayne, Whitley, Ron and Kim.

The Golden Girls

I’d say bring Betty White back but she’s so busy these days that she wouldn’t have time for a “little” show like this.  We’d likely have to go with younger women and then age them: maybe Sharon Stone, Diane Keaton, etc. Hey, I’m not a casting director and this is for fun so don’t kill me!


Hmmm, I’m thinking maybe Jenifer Lewis can play the role of Mary?  What do you think?  In this age group, we still have quite a few actors who would do a good job with this show.


I have no idea who’d I cast in these roles but we need some really cute to play “Sam.”  You know what? I think we would need to venture out into the soap opera world and pull in some characters. With the hits they’ve been getting, I think there are a lot of people who need work.

Living Single

*kicking and screaming* I wouldn’t want a new cast! I mean, sadly we’d have to do it but weren’t they all so perfect?! I know that all we’d do with a new cast is tear them apart and criticize every single they did.  But I’m leaving this one up to you: who would be your new roommates?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Would we have to do a name change since the “Fresh Prince” title goes to Will Smith?  My biggest concern in the new cast would be “Aunt Viv.”  I need her to be smart, sassy and beautiful – just like the original Aunt Viv (miss me on the second one).  Who’d be on your list?

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