You Gotta Shake It Off: 7 Signs That You’re Too Conservative And Need To Loosen Up!

October 28, 2012  |  
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Time flies! Before you know it, you’re waiting for retirement and looking forward to bingo night at the church. That’s expected…but not at your age. Your high morals and pristine standards set you apart from the rest. It’s possible that your friends make fun of you and constantly ell you to “lighten up”.

If you fall into these categories, it is absolutely time to let your hair down. Life is too short…live a little (and no you don’t have to do everything listed but by the end, you’ll have gotten the point).


Loud Music

Everybody has their jam and so do you. The difference is that you’re not turning your tunes up and anyone near you needs to follow suit. A concert?  HA, it’s never going to happen. There is no way you’re paying that kind of money to see someone who doesn’t even know you’re there.

Social Drinkers

You may sip a little here and there but no way would you ever dance on a table or let a man grind up on you like that. Your morals are impeccable. When you see those other “sad” women doing those things, you can’t imagine how low their self esteem must be. You’re the very definition of a lady and wouldn’t dare be caught smashed. Truthfully, you’re just afraid to let loose. Nobody asked for you to get your “Coyote Ugly” on but let everyone else enjoy themselves…with no judgement.

Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and Piercings will never be art. It’s just an excuse for someone to engage in self deprecating behavior. You respect your body and would NEVER do something as lame as smearing ink under your skin. Your self love is indisputable.


Drugs are bad and you stayed away from them with ease, as a teenager. So when you and your girls go to Vegas and they suggest that you guys do some spontaneous “different”, you’re completely turned off. As a matter of fact, it’s time to question your friendship. She knows that you’ve never so much as touched a cigarette and now she’s waving Mary Jane in your face? You’ve officially outgrown her! [Note: Come on now, we know there is no reason for anyone to engage in certain activities – especially something like this – if they don’t want to. The point is just to let others do THEIR thing without acting like the end is near.]

Everything is Bothersome

One woman has on too much makeup. Your man’s cologne is too strong. Everybody in a hoodie is a thug. A child stared at you too long in the department store. Everything in your path causes annoyance for you. You’re just all around miserable and it’s everyone else’s fault…or so you believe.

Control Issues

It’s either your way or the highway. People need to learn that your way is the best way and anything else that is going on is straight foolish. You wouldn’t be the success you are today without a rigid schedule and hardcore routine.

Joking is a No-no

You take yourself so seriously, there could never be a joke at your expense. If someone even tries to make fun of you, they get hit with the straight face and you annihilate their character immediately. You will not be the butt of anyone’s jokes. You are too serious for “lame” comedy and jokes.

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