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Meeting someone at the club isn’t a foreign concept to most, but going out to the club scene with your significant other is a completely different experience. When it’s someone you care about, the stakes could be higher at the club as opposed to just going out with friends. Going clubbing as a couple could be different and unusual for that type of atmosphere, but it could also be another way to bring you and your man closer as friends and lovers as well.

Maintain your relationship while having fun at the club with these five cautionary tips and pieces of advice to avoid all the drama.

Control Your Expectations

Before the night even begins, you should try to control what your mind (and possibly your insecurities) is saying to you. Are you nervous about him dancing with another woman? Do you feel that the club might not be the best place to take your relationship? If you have questions, address them with your mate. It is understandable to have doubts and preconceived notions about being at the club with him (remember your clubbing days with your girls? (Wild.), but make sure they are not stemming from your own insecurities. The experience is about just having fun, not about confirming some deep-seeded thoughts you might have about your relationship, or testing the waters of it. Expect to just have fun at the club with the man you love, and put the other situations aside until they arise.

Bring Mutual Friends

What is the club without your friends? You know, the women you kicked it with in college at the house parties, tore up every dance floor with and worked together to scope out the hottest guys in the building? Bring them along for the fun with you and your man, and invite his friends (the ones who encourage, not hinder, the relationship) to come along too. It’s a great way to mingle together so no one is bored or feels left out, and also to bring both parties closer, making them familiar with each other.

Trust Each Other With Other People

Clubbing can be very fun, especially when you are out single and ready to mingle. In a relationship, other women and men can try your patience and your trust. If you are in a meaningful relationship, the trust should already be established, and going to the club together could be the ultimate test. Have trust in your mate with dealing with other people at the club, whether it is a single woman or a man who is pushing his limits. The club is no safe haven for relationships, so take heed of those who might approach him just because you’re with him. You don’t have to cling onto him the whole time to let the ladies know, he should already make you feel secure, so give him the benefit of the doubt. You know your own boundaries, so if dancing with another woman is off limits, he should already know. Remember that trust goes both ways as well, so taking a drink from another man (even if it’s paid for) might not be a good look on your part.

Have Fun

When in a meaningful relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to pry yourself away from the thought of being a girlfriend to just being a friend to your mate. While in a club setting, remember to just have fun with your significant other and not make it about the relationship. A date is a place for exploring and deepening your relationship, not the nightclub. The club atmosphere can enhance the reasons why you love your man in the first place, maybe because he’s fun or friendly or even is a great dancer. Whatever it may be, enjoying yourself apart from being all mushy and loving as a couple could revitalize your relationship, and even build your friendship.

Don’t Leave the Sexiness At Home

At the club when you’re single, you feel desirable, hot and wanted by every man in the room. Just because you have the one you want doesn’t mean you have to put those feelings to the side. Grab those feelings you had at the club when it was just you and your girls and use it to have fun with your man. You two might have the days where sweatpants, satin caps and sneakers are the attire, but for this occasion, get your best dress and heels out, throw a little make-up on and get sexay for him. It’s a great way to let loose together and put your absolute best-looking foot forward, and a reminder to him that your sexiness hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither has his own “ladies man” appeal. An evening out at the club with your boo might end up being the start of a steamy, hot night to come!

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