The Joys of Thrift Shopping: Why I Shop at Goodwill and NOT Forever 21

June 20, 2012  |  

Explores your creativity
Most of us get in the habit of dressing one certain way. I know my friends always tell me that I used to be a plain Jane–and they were right. I didn’t want to jump out of my comfort zone when it came to the dark and dull ensembles I wore, but once I did, I got to be creative in a whole other way.  Also since most online stores and retailers generally have the same type of clothing (which goes right back to the major trends reason) you’re forced right back into what you’re used to.

You won’t have a “We’re wearing the same outfit” moment
This has never really happened to me, but I have seen it one too many at gatherings or parties. Girls with the same shoes or dresses (because every girl shops at Forever 21) get upset and embarrassed, even though they saw a gang of women picking up the same outfit the day they bought it. When you shop on popular websites or in over-hyped stores, there’s never just “one” of something. But at a vintage shop/thrift store, call it a miracle if there’s more than one.

Makes you smarter as a shopper
Some women (well most) should be pretty careful and more attentive when it comes to picking out clothes, even at regular stores, because when you thrift, sometimes some items may fall through the cracks and make it into your bag.  For instance, you don’t want anything that is damaged, has missing buttons or dresses that aren’t true to size. When I’m shopping now, I keep in mind the following:

  • An item may be on clearance because of a really bad return or just low sales.
  • If you can find a dress on one site, you will most likely find it somewhere else for cheaper (keep in mind shipping costs though).
  • Accessories that are in stores aren’t as durable as the ones in thrift shops!

You can splurge on other things
This has to be my number one reason! Because of all the money saved through ditching the mall for the thrift stores, I’m able to spend more on better shoes, that perfect bathing suit and more money to dole out for bills and most importantly these days, gas! Sometimes splurging can be a good thing, just remember to get the things you need rather than what you want first.

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