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First of all, I’d like to thank Claire Huxtable, “first” Aunt Vivian (ya’ll know the “second” Aunt Viv was a joke) and all the other television moms that may have had an impact on our lives growing up.  Personally, when Claire yelled at Vanessa for going out of town to see “The Wretched,” I almost cried out of fear and imagined my own mother.   But those days are gone and the “television” moms we have now for the most part are on reality shows.  So here’s a shout out to all the mothers of today’s television – love them or hate them, they seem to be wonderful moms…


Kris Jenner

Let’s just get started right here. I know, I know – you don’t like her.  You think she’s had too much plastic surgery and figures out a way to make a dollar out of every piece of publicity, good and bad.  I agree. But here’s the thing: during those glimpses we get of her where she’s not trying to make a buck for herself and her family, she seems like a good mother.  They come far and few between but sometimes we see her give the oldest girls good pieces of advice.  She tries…sometimes.


Nene Leakes

We could go a lot of places with this but really? Nene is a good mother and there’s no shade behind it.  She clearly wants the best for her children, especially her oldest Bryson who can’t seem to get his life together.  She tries to help keep him motivated but she won’t be disrespected or let him think he’s going to run HER.  Even in talking about her divorce from her husband Greg, she wasn’t thinking about cameras from what I could see; she was thinking about how her children (Bryson and youngest son, Brentt) would take it and how they would adjust.  At the Housewives reunion, she looked like she was ready to jump down Sheree’s throat for bringing up her children in a negative light. Gotta love it!

Nancy “Mama Jones” Jones

*sigh* You all love her and I can respect that.  Mama Jones loves her rapper son, Jim, to the point where she doesn’t want another woman in his life that might “steal” him from her.  Enter Chrissy Lampkin. She became a threat to Mama Jones and because of that, we saw lots arguing and selfishness from Mama Jones on Love & Hip-Hop for no reason.  But because she is the mom, she conceded and decided to put forth an effort in being nice to Chrissy for the sake of her son. Awwww.


LaLa Anthony

Lala’s wedding to hubby Carmelo landed them a VH1 special and she’s been soaring ever since.  She’s on her second season of Lala’s Full Court Life which features many of her friends as well as she and Melo’s cutie pie son, Kiyan.  While Lala does kick it hard – and someone was even bold enough to dub her “First Lady of New York” because Melo is a Knick – she always makes time for Kiyan and they look like they have a good time. She always makes it clear that it is her most important job.

Niecy Nash

By far, one of the funniest shows in the “reality” world is hers. Niecy’s kids are chips off the old block with senses of humor that will have you side eying and crying laughing at the same time.  Although Niecy is what many would call a “hip” mom, she also has a no-nonsense stance when it comes to raising her children.  With any luck, the show will be renewed and we’ll see them next season.


Evelyn Lozada

When she isn’t jumping across tables like a jerk, spitting out fake threats or throwing bottles because she doesn’t seem fearless enough to throw an actual punch, we can find Evelyn spending some time with her daughter, Shaniece.  Although Shaniece is in college finding her own way (and hopefully trying to separate herself from the embarrassing ways of her mother), they seem to remain relatively close.

Mary Mary

The newest editions to the reality show world but certainly not to the world of parenting are Erika and Tina, more popularly known as Mary Mary.  Their show (which goes by the group’s name) only premiered a couple of months ago and they’re a hit! Between the two of them, they have 8 children. *rocks slow* Those are some busy houses, don’t you think?!  From what we’ve been able to see, when they’re not working hard at business or taking a sisters trip which included a stripper pole, they are amazing mothers and wives. We salute the latest reality stars.


Evelyn Braxton

“You will not disrespect me and the next time you do it, I’ma slap the piss out of you.”  If that isn’t an old school mama, I don’t know what is!  THAT is what Mama Braxton told Tamar when she’d gotten beside herself during the last season of Braxton Family Values. Evelyn is warm, loving and funny; at the same time, she’s brutally honest and takes no mess from her children.  She’s also as fly as she wants to be about 63 years old. You better WORK, Mama Braxton!


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