9 Celebs Who Tried The Half-Shaved Hairstyle: Who Made it Fierce and Who Failed?

April 4, 2012  |  
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I’ve been saying for about a year that the whole, “I’m-going-to-shave-one-side-of-my-hair” look was a mess. While Salt-n-Pepa made it cool back in the day, folks have taken this hairstyle to a whole new and crazy level. Seriously, it has lasted about two years longer than it should have, and everyday women came out the blue with the Two-Face look (your job was cool with that?). As much as I’ve openly loathed the look, I will say that there are a few celebrities who have been able to pull it off. But for the most part, some of the folks on this list know they need to stop. Let’s take a look at the dope ‘dos and debacles of the half-shaved hair fad.


The singer/model might be one of the few people still rocking this look like there’s no tomorrow. She started with one shaved side and then came out of the house with both sides hairless. Pretty daring! She’s a stunning chick, so lucky for her, this look doesn’t come off as a fail, but more of a fashion statement. It’s what many people know her for (beside being Diddy’s…boo?), so it’s smart for her to embrace the look. But I would love to see her go really chic and cut that last bit of hair off in the middle of her head and just be bald. Now THAT would be fierce…


The first time Ri-Ri tried this look in 2009, it was actually pretty cool. She had a short cut, so it fit the rock-star chic look that she was trying to go for. But after doing everything from Ronald McDonald red, light brown, and beach blonde colored styles, she decided to take a walk down memory lane with her new pitch black long hair and shaven side. It’s actually kind of cute, but I think it worked better when her hair was short. Now she just looks like Cassie from afar. But what do you think?

Toni Braxton

Toni, girl, what in the hell? Around 2010, the singer and reality TV star (or maybe not anymore) decided to get in with the in-crowd and shave one side of her hair off. Depending on what angle you look at (say, the front), the style was not all that bad, but if you check it out from the side or the back, she looked like an incomplete mannequin. I love you and your music boo, but I personally prefer the short curly style she wears these days, or hell, even a wig compared to this mess right here.

La La Anthony

Kiyan’s mom likes to be on top of the trends now that she’s a baller’s wife in the public eye. So when everyone (and their mothers) opted to shave their heads, she tried it out too. I like the cuts she put in it, and the color is pretty hot, so I won’t call it a fail. It’s not completely shaven down so that’s what kind of makes her look different from everybody else. She didn’t have this hairdo for long, but when she did, it wasn’t all that bad…

Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow

Oh Jada…I think now that her daughter is out in the public eye changing her hair and look every other day, moms wants to follow suit. To be honest, for a child her age (I believe she was 10 at the time), I kind of thought the shaven-side look was a bit much for Willow. However, it was something she played with and somehow was able to make age appropriate (maybe because of “Whip My Hair”?), so it was cute on her after a while. But mama Jada needs to stick to either big curly hair, long hair or very short hair, but none of this experimental in-between stuff. I just feel like her look is better suited for my niece, and even she’s too old (at 17) for this mess…nice try though!



People probably don’t remember that Kelis was one of the first people (in the new Millennium at least) to shave one side of her hair in the name of fashion. Not only that, but she would shave all kinds of dope designs and words in her look. But at that time, people weren’t as excited about it as they are now, so credit isn’t really given to homegirl like it’s given to Cassie. I personally thought it was kind of fly, but definitely not something I would try.

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia has literally done a little bit of everything to her hair since she came on the scene with the song, “I Changed My Mind.” A lot of her styles I’ve been down for, but this one I simply can’t do. Maybe it’s the fact that the designs she threw on her head were done with color (or that cheerleader ponytail that’s killing me softly below), but when I see this look, I just think about a hipster trying their best to stand out. I prefer homegirl with colorful hair, but this shaved hairstyle is one she should have passed on.


Real talk, this style would have been pretty cute on Fanny had she not decided to go the two-tone route with it. The blonde side with the black ringlets and bangs on the other side are just throwing me off. And when she decided to do this look without trying to make the other side fancy, ish really fell apart and started looking crazy. The lesson here is: If you’re going to try this half-shaven style, please leave all the extra Crayola colors alone!

Mel B

So, another lesson for all those thinking about rocking this look: Yes, you can cut off TOO much hair in trying to shave down one side of your hair. Mel B literally shaved off so much hair that what was left on her head looked absolutely unreal, and actually kind of gross…And the fact that she tried to apply rhinestones to that joint is a clear sign that we need to let this style die!

You already know how I feel about this look, but what about you?

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