Saying One Thing and Doin Another: Celebs Who Lack Consistency

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Being true to your word is one of the most powerful principles out there. Unfortunately, many of us have trouble staying consistent. Celebrities are no different. The ones that are consistent are truly powerful role models who inspire our own dignified paths. But the ones who aren’t demonstrate what we’re trying to avoid. Check out the list and see if you agree.

Spike Lee

I don’t like labeling everyone who is critical as “negative,” but in the case of Spike Lee, it seems that he has a problem with anything and anyone who doesn’t suit his fancy. But besides the criticism, Lee has a problem living up to his own standards. Many, many years ago, Lee made a comment about NBA players being slaves meaning essentially calling out the exploitative business of professional sports.  He had a point but wouldn’t that commentary assure that he didn’t support the business he was criticizing? Nah – you can best believe Lee didn’t forgo his season tickets to the Knicks.

Russell Simmons

As much as Russell Simmons likes to flaunt his spirituality and Buddhist principles, somehow it doesn’t sit well with the image of him frolicking on resorts with twenty-something Beckys or supporting the diamond industry in West Africa. He’s a business man first and foremost and we’re not buying that he’ll give up a cent for the sake of religious principles, which stress selflessness, serving others, and detachment from material things and people.


Again. Another celebrity who touts the spiritual teachings of Kaballah yet all up on top of her  plastic surgery game. Okay, so there’s nothing in Kaballah about plastic surgery but…we just had to make fun. Madonna’s most recent criticism of M.I.A flipping the bird during Madonna’s Superbowl performance is the best example of Madonna’s hypocrisy. Why would a woman whose built a career on controversy throw stones at an artist doing the same?

Kanye West

Kanye likes to make a scene when it involves him not getting props. Case in point, he likes to play the race card to defend his antics like in the infamous Taylor Swift sitution but when has the choice to do something about “racism in media,” he chooses to not do a dang thing. Mr. West debuted his women’s wear fashion line in Paris in the Fall but had only two Black models representing. Considering that he had all the power in the world to big up his sistas, we find it completely hypocritical of him.

Star Jones

Unfortunatley for Ms. Jones, her refusal to disclose the circumstances of her drastic weight loss, amongst other issues, did cost her a huge gig as co-host on the popular morning talk show The View. Although it was obvious that she had lost a lot of weight over in 2003, she insisted on the show that it was due to diet and exercise. It would come to light later that she had gastric bypass surgery.


Beyonce loves to rep girl power but when it comes to allowing her man to call her an itchbay or playing the role of a sexual kitten in videos, gyrating on dance floors and all, she’s all for it as long as her records sell. We love Beyonce but it’s obvious that she’s all about the paper and the “girl power” thing is just another gimmick to promote her career.

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