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In this installment of Tales From TikTok, we explore Military TV, a TikTok channel offering a look into the strenuous training routines of military soldiers across the nation. One aspect of U.S. military training involves taser drills, which can occasionally result in both excruciating and hilarious experiences for soldiers.

A video uploaded to the Military TV TikTok account Oct. 14, 2023, showcased soldiers undergoing taser training, willingly subjecting themselves to being tased to demonstrate the effectiveness of the device.

The video kicks off with a female soldier nervously awaiting the device’s paralyzing sting to kick in. 

“Fuck, F–k f–k, wait wait. Don’t do it yet! Hang on,” she shouts before her colleague encourages her to “breathe.” After some reassurance, the female soldier calms down, but her tranquil state flies out the window when the taser begins to paralyze her entire body. 

When she hits the ground, she’s jolted with another sharp sting from the taser, unfortunately, from rolling “onto one of the probes” which sent shooting pain into her but cheek. 

Then, the video pans to capture a male soldier belting out a piercing shriek akin to the sounds of R2D2 from Star Wars upon being struck by the paralyzing device.

In the concluding moments of the comically agonizing montage,  a white female soldier braces herself nervously for the searing jolt of the taser, supported by her two Black colleagues who assist her through the rigorous training regimen. Hilariously, when the taser activates, the white soldier mistakenly grasps at the groin of her left-hand companion, causing him to double over in agony.

Netizens on TikTok had a ball watching the hilarious session.

“That last one took me out,” wrote one user. 

Another viewer penned, “Full on grabbed and squeezed!”

A third chimed in, “That taser grip is real on that last one.”


Why are taser trainings conducted in the military?

Tasers are primarily used by law enforcement as a non-lethal means of subduing individuals and gaining control of situations. 

According to Military Times, while soldiers are required to attend taser training, opting to be shocked by the device is 100% voluntary.

“When you say ‘voluntary’ in the military, if you have very much experience with us, we tend to laugh at that word because ‘voluntary’ kind of turns into ‘voluntold’ or ‘highly encouraged,” United States Air Force Lieutenant Col. Melissa Brown told Military Times.

“We do explain to them that it is good for them to understand exactly what it’s going to do and give them confidence that if they’re in a situation where they are going to use it, that it is going to work very effectively for them — but we don’t put any pressure beyond that for them.”

A taser delivers an electric shock that temporarily disrupts the body’s neuromuscular system, causing involuntary muscle contractions and incapacitating the person targeted. When a taser is launched, two electrodes consisting of 50,000 volts are sent into the human body, initiating a five-second jolt.

The electrical pulses from a taser interfere with the normal functioning of nerves and muscles, leading to pain, loss of muscle control and disorientation. However, they can pose risks, especially to people with certain medical conditions or when used improperly.

Air Force policy mandates that whenever a security forces member is equipped with a potentially lethal weapon, such as an M-16 assault rifle or an M-9 Beretta, they must also carry a non-lethal option, Brown noted. The authorized non-lethal tools include the taser, OC (pepper) spray, and the baton.

This Tales From TikTok made us squirm in pain! Did you?


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