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On the inaugural episode of Listen to Black Men, “The Friend Zone,” media personality Mouse Jones is joined by entertainers and media personalities Jessie Woo, Tyler Chronicles, Kiyanne, Jeremie Rivers and Papoose to talk about the dynamics of platonic male-female friendships, boundaries, the friend zone and more.

Woo starts off the conversation by bringing up Blair Underwood’s quick marriage to his best friend following the divorce from his wife of 27 years, Desiree DaCosta. The scandal had the group asking, “Can men and women be friends?”

It turns out each LTBM guest has their own set of rules when it comes to those opposite-sex friendships. According to Jones, it’s all good “As long as one is ugly.”
Rivers gave the married man’s perspective regarding men being close friends with attractive women.
“You can know them,” says the Games People Play actor. “But it ends there.”
Papoose weighs in on the rules surrounding male-female friendships when a person is in a relationship, saying of married couples, “When you get married, you take wedding vows. He [Rivers] has to honor his queen. So if she disagrees with something, he has to take that into consideration before moving forward.”
With Papoose and Rivers both being in entertainment, Woo throws out the question of boundaries being crossed with coworkers.
“No, it’s a job. It’s a workplace,” says Papoose. But Woo admits she’s nearly crossed some lines in her own experience as an actress.
Rivers and Papoose agree if trust and respect are there, their partners can feel free to do what they need to do for their careers. “I will never stop you from getting your bag,” asserts Rivers.
The next topic for this Listen To Black Men ep is the friend zone. Does it exist? Is it different for men versus women? According to Chronicles, absolutely to both. “For a woman to put a man in the friend zone, it’s a jail cell. But if a man puts a woman in the friend zone, it’s like an apartment. She can go in and out…a woman can come out that friend zone and come get this dick,” says the Wild ‘N Out cast member.
Woo admits she’s been friend-zoned many times, and Mouse claims it’s harder for men than women. “Our egos are fragile,” claims the I’ll Apologize Later host.
The LTBM crew wraps up the episode by breaking down the double standards in cheating, and Kiyanne brings up the concept of “Cheat back to stay together,” aka cheating when your partner cheats to keep things “even.” (Jones is passionately opposed to that tactic).
Watch the full episode to get all the details here.
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