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When one thinks of a person trapped in the friend zone, women don’t typically come to mind. That’s because, in a lot of cases, we don’t even realize when we’ve been assigned to it.

The friend zone is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.” But as YouTuber Rana Keza highlights in a Tik Tok-turned-Instagram reel that recently went viral, a man will place a woman in the friend zone but proceed to sleep with her anyway. Hence the reason why so many are blindly roaming around the friend zone while claiming that they’re in a situationship when the signs denote otherwise.

So, if you suspect that you may be parked in the friend zone but you are not completely sure, here are five undeniable signs that you are.

You know about his other partners

A sure sign that you’ve been friend-zoned is that you know about your love interest’s other partners. He makes no effort to hide them from you or shield your feelings. As a matter of fact, he may even talk to you about them or seek advice from a woman’s perspective in regard to the relationships he has with them.

You’re sleeping together with no commitment

Of course, there are some situations where both parties are enjoying the friends with benefits arrangement; however, since you’re here reading this essay, that’s clearly not you. A good sign that you are a woman in the friend zone is that you desire a commitment from the person, but they have made it clear that it’s not happening. While this sign doesn’t definitively classify your situation as being in the friend zone, when it exists with the other signs, the writing is on the wall.

You are literally introduced as a friend

Sometimes we overlook the most obvious signs, but this one definitely needs to be said. There is no clearer sign that you have been friend-zoned than being introduced as a friend by someone who you are sleeping with behind closed doors.

They tell you that you’re too good for them

The kiss of death when it comes to friend zone placement is a love interest who tells you that you can never be more than friends because you’re too good for them. Their spiel usually runs along the lines of “You’re too great of a girl and I know I’ll mess this up.” For that reason, he tells you that he can’t be with you exclusively; however, he has no qualms with carrying on a sexual relationship.

The affection is scarce

In friend zone relationships where there is sex involved, the affection is typically scarce or unpredictable. At times, the person will shower you with warmth and care, and other times, the affection is withheld without explanation.

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