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TikTok elevator DD stuck Black ddforthawin firefighter weight limit drunk

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“Black people don’t take nothing serious till it happens,” according to a TikTok user who got stuck on an elevator with around 20 others.

User @ddforthawin shared footage from the chaotic moment a firefighter released her and a sea of other young, Black age-mates from an indoor elevator one to two feet above the ground.

While the firefighter looked perplexed at the sheer number of people leaping out of the elevator, someone in the background repeatedly yelled, “Damn, damn, wait a minute!” as people got back on solid ground.


DD explained that the group was drunk and packed on the elevator like a can of sardines for 30 minutes.

According to one of her posts, several people “rushed in” the elevator behind her before the doors closed, and everyone inside was trapped.

She has yet to clarify exactly how many people were on the elevator with her — but she said she was one of the first people on board.

DD was frightened beyond belief during the incident despite many of her peers who joked and laughed. One person caused a fuss within the group when they jumped up and down on the elevator, which was likely already over its weight capacity.

“I still can’t believe this happened to. Thank God 🙏 we made it out 🤞🏽,” DD captioned her initial post.

“We stuck on the fucking elevator, and they taking this shit as a fucking joke. Ain’t shit a joke. We need help y’all. We really stuck on God. I’m scared as fuck, and they really just playing. This night can’t get worse,” she said in a clip posted on May 1.

“Not going [to]. Thishis was the scariest shit 😩,” she added in the caption.

Many TikTok users didn’t see any of the trapped people offer a “Thank you” to the fireman who came to their rescue.

Others simply couldn’t believe the “clown car-worth” of bodies that fit themselves in the enclosed space.

“It’s like a clown car in there 😭”

“That’s a whole club 😂”

“I’m sure the weight limit was exceeded 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all was hella deep in that mf ong 🤣🤞🏾”

“No wonder it was stuck errybody n dey momma innat ho.”

 DD’s initial post has been uploaded on various social media platforms, where people clowned the group for their elevator fiasco.

The clip has garnered over 3.5 million views and 39,400 likes on Twitter. One user estimated that the people’s weight may have been around 3,000 pounds when the average limit for a standard lift is anywhere from 2,100 to 5,000 pounds.


On her Instagram Stories, DD acknowledged how stupid it was for so many people to squish themselves onto the elevator and think no consequences would ensue. 

“They keep making posts and tagging me, we realized we dumb 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣” 

“Everybody dming me @snoopdog [posted it]. Lmfao we made a drunk dumb move, we learned our lesson 🤣🤣🤣

TikTok elevator DD stuck Black ddforthawin firefighter weight limit drunk

Source: Courtesy of DD’s Instagram

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