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In the wake of Tyre Nichols’ death and brutal beating, at the hands of rouge Memphis officers, Jason Whitlock blamed single Black women, saying “Baby Mama” drama fosters police brutality and police resistance.

According to Whitlock, in his appearance on Fox News, single Black mothers are the reason why there are undisciplined Black men, the same ones that led to the death of Nichols.



As MADAMENOIRE previously reported, Nichols, a 29-year-old FedEx worker, was pulled over and badly beaten by five Black Memphis officers during a Jan. 7 traffic stop. The beating which was captured by police bodycam led to Nichols’ death three days later  

Whitlock told Tucker Carlson that all of the men involved were in the wrong but put more emphasis on the Black officers, whom he compared to a gang.

“This is a story about young black men and their inability to treat each other in a humane way. Everybody involved in this on the street level was either 24 to 32 years old. Everybody, it was a group of young Black men, five on one, look[ed] like gang violence to me,” Whitlock said. 

Following his gang juxtaposition, he then said the officers’ actions were comparable to what happens when Black men are poorly supervised by Black women, that is, single Black mothers in predominately Black cities.

He then stated the Memphis Police Department is inadequate because Police Chief Cerelyn Davis, whose police career specializes in Black law enforcement, holds a leadership role.

“It looked like what young Black men do when they’re supervised by a single Black woman, and that’s what they got going on in the Memphis Police Department,” he continued. “They’ve elected some, or put some, Black woman in charge of the police force, and we’re getting the same kind of chaos and disunity and violence that we see in a lot of these cities that are run by single mothers there.” 

“If we want to discuss the breakdown of family that leads to [sic] disrespectful authority that causes you to resist the police and run from the police and not comply with the police because you resist authority at all time because there was no male authority in your home let’s have that discussion but that’s not where they want to take us.”

The attack on Black mothers caught the attention of singer Ciara Wilson who condemned Whitlock’s comments in a viral tweet, saying there are great single Black mothers raising their children.

At the time of reporting, Wilson’s tweet has been viewed more than 2.6 million times and received about 30K likes.

Whitlock thanked her for the feedback, but responded that she has to come to terms with the “negative impact of baby-mama culture.” 

The anti-Blackness does not stop with Black mothers; Whitlock says the incident – a Black man killed by law enforcement – is overrated and less significant than other problems.

The murder of Nichols, according to the conservative commentator, is a liberal distraction from the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict because all parties involved in the police brutality incident were Black men in a Black city, and he is confident a Black jury will serve the Black officers.

“I don’t get what people are protesting about: these are five Black officers, the victim is black, the police chief is black, the police have been fired and charged, and they will be convicted, I would assume by a predominantly Black jury in a city that’s 65 percent Black, so the system is going to work here,” Whitlock told Carlson. 

“[Media coverage on Nichols’ death is] promoting racial division at the behest in my view of the military-industrial complex. They want us all looking at this and not looking at what they’re doing in Ukraine as they drag America and the world into World War III. This is a distraction, in my opinion.”


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