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Dr. Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels

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Dr. Umar Johnson still isn’t a fan of what Kevin Samuels was dishing out during his hey day.

In a clip of an interview that has been circulating the internet, Johnson explained why he couldn’t support Samuels. Samuels, an image consultant, rose to fame being highly critical of Black women and basing their value on their appearance and status in life. Johnson said he felt Samuels’ approach to Black women was “very Eurocentric.”

“His approach to criticism and expectations for women were very superficial in terms of what was important,” he said. “There was a heavy focus on how much you make and how good you look. That’s how I felt. No woman is gonna look good forever. They’re gonna get pregnant, they’re gonna get older. You to me, telling women that you are too fat or too small or too broke, and that’s the reason why you don’t have a man that, is psycho pathological and it is destructive to our community. I did not agree with his approach at all.”

Johnson added that he felt that Black women who supported Samuels didn’t have love for other Black women.

“And the fact that he did have a lot of people [following him] speaks to how decadent and speaks to how self-hating we can be as a people. I’ll be honest with you. I think a lot of the women who supported Kevin Samuels supported him because they don’t like other Black women, and they enjoy sitting back on their couch sipping their tea and watching this Black man tear Black women’s self-esteem to shreds.”

Samuels died of a heart attack in May 2022.

Dr. Umar Johnson Called Kevin Samuels Out Before

Kevin Samuels and Dr. Umar Johnson clashed while Samuels was alive. In 2021, Johnson shared a post saying that there is a sector of YouTube “dedicated to slandering and criticizing Black women who don’t emulate Eurocentric standards of beauty and success.”

He also went on Instagram Live and said he couldn’t support someone who was trying to make a dollar off of “making Black women feel bad.”

When someone told Samuels that he should speak more like Johnson during one of his Instagram Lives, he made it clear that his feelings for Johnson were mutual.

“The man who has two children by two different women that he never married,” he said. “The guy in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he’s collected money from. The man who calls you ‘queen,’ ‘mother,’ ‘goddess,’ and all this other kind of stuff and again.”

The two men never crossed paths on social media to hash things out.

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