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Dr. Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels

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It’s no secret that we’ve been more than critical about Dr. Umar’s homophobic and misogynistic ideologies, his initiatives, his fundraising methods, and even his treatment of the Black women he claims to love and respect.

There’s a long history of hypocrisy. And valid questions have been raised about the sincerity of his intentions.

Still, there are times when Dr. Umar gets it right. And it’s only fair that we acknowledge that too.

Recently, on Instagram live, Dr. Umar spoke about Kevin Samuels

If you’ve been off the internet for some time, you might not have seen Samuels. But that’s likely for the best.

Samuels has made a name for himself giving advice to men and mostly women who come to him for advice. Women explain their situations to Samuels and he finds a lists of reasons why they’re not in relationship with men. Some of his go-tos are telling women they’re not as attractive or valuable as they think.

He does so in very hurtful ways.

If you’re not paying attention, his degradation comes off as entertainment or, for some people, truth-telling. But at the heart Samuels’ comments are a meanspiritedness that have people questioning whether he wants to help people improve their lives or does he just hate women?

Personally, I’d argue the latter.

“I count about a dozen. Ima call them the dirty dozen of division. There are about twelve members, twelve beta males, YouTube life coaches who are trying to build platforms by making Black women feel bad. I don’t like it. I can’t appreciate Black men trying to make a dollar off of making Black women feel bad.

And unfortunately, our Black women some of them are so thirsty for validation that they’re participating  in the attacks and slander against the Black female community and that’s not acceptable.”


There’s a good chance Umar’s comments came after Samuels insulted him, claiming that Umar has two children by women he has not married and has not finished building the school he has been advertising for years.

But at a time when too many Black men and women are cosigning Samuels’ cruelty, it’s nice to have one sticking up for what’s right.

Both of these men have plenty of their flaws. At least Dr. Umar is helping Black people and Samuels… is on some other stuff.


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