The latest episode of Cadillac’s web video series—Driven By Class—has a sweet and enriching tone as chef and chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix is featured.

Chef Rix has built a sterling reputation as one of the world’s esteemed chocolatiers, curating experiences at premiere events such as the Academy Awards, the James Beard House, and the Grammy Awards. The Memphis, Tennessee-based artisan created Phillip Ashley Chocolates in 2012 and was even dubbed the “real-life Willy Wonka” in a profile by Forbes magazine in 2014.

This episode features him embarking on a “chocolate road show” to New York City where he leads a group of Black professionals in learning to create fine chocolates from scratch. The intimate affair also allows the chef to gain a deeper connection with those participating over their bond of being part of the “Greek Life” with him. It’s something significant for Rix, as he talks about being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. “Black Greek life means a number of things. It’s the camaraderie with people that look like you but are still very diverse in what they’ve done, how they grew up, all of that,” he says.

The episode then captures the chocolatier sitting down with the guests and engaging in a deeper conversation on how that spirit fuels them in their endeavors, and it allows him to share why he loves making chocolate in these kinds of settings. “That’s even what I like to do with chocolate – bring folks together, tell the stories, engage, work with each other.”

That spirit also gets to the heart of why Rix is drawn to Cadillac vehicles, which he explains as he prepares to depart in a sparkling Infrared Cadillac Escalade for the next date on the roadshow. “Cadillac is definitely one of those vehicles that really represents the drive that I have for myself. It really invigorates my abilities, my sense of awareness, and my ability to connect with others.”

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