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Raq handles some old business; Marvin reveals his softer side; Jukebox finds her tribe and Lou can’t seem to get a break. Kanan is initiated into manhood in the worst way. Whew chile, episode five of Raising Kanan was full of revelations and shenanigans. Let’s get into it.


Camping In The Catskills

Raising Kanan Episodic Stills for 205

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Raq takes Kanan on a camping trip. Uncle Marvin helps them load the rental car and the mother-son duo head for the Catskills. Unbeknownst to Kanan, there are human remains in the trunk. Unbeknownst to Raq, she is being followed by two of Sal Bocelli’s hitmen. 


“Don’t pull that thang out unless you plan to bang” – Andre 3000

Raising Kanan Episodic Stills for 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Lou and his business partner Crown meet with a local DJ to promote their artist, Zisa. When the DJ asks for money in exchange for spins, it suddenly occurs to Lou he is being scammed and Crown is in on it. When they leave the radio station, Lou delivers a well-deserved left hook to Crown’s jaw. The sleazy businessman pulls out a gun. Lou scoffs and walks away. Crown the clown ain’t really about that life. 


Jukebox’s Parents

Raising Kanan Episodic Stills for 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Jukebox learns her song has been re-recorded by Zisa. She assumes that the shady ass Crown is behind this. But according to Zisa, this was Lou’s idea. Uncle Lou justifies his actions by telling his niece that her work was stolen because Zisa is “more marketable.”  

 But Juke finds a place where her voice is appreciated. While accompanying her mother to choir rehearsal, she is asked to sing. Babygirl delivers a rendition of Mary Don’t You Weep that would make Aretha Franklin proud. The joy was apparent on Juke’s face when Kenya proudly embraced her. On this day, Juke is wearing a dress and allowing her hair to hang at her shoulders—a big contrast from her baggy jeans, Timberlands and French braid. We hope Juke can show up as authentic queer self and still have a healthy relationship with her church-going mother.

Jukebox Episodic Stills for 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Meanwhile, Daddy Marvin is attending his court-ordered anger management classes. The class facilitator, Ms. Renee invites him to breakfast to ask why he isn’t participating in group discussions. Marv is honest, he’s just there to stay out of jail. Sis warns Marvin to take the class seriously or she’s calling the judge. Surprisingly, he acquiesced— he expresses his regrets for how he treated his daughter. He is heartbroken that Jukebox isn’t speaking to him. Vulnerability looks good on you, Marvin. 


These Heaux Are Loyal

Detective Howard Episodic Stills for 205

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Down at the precinct, Burke is interrogating a sex worker named Andrea. Detective Howard is Andrea’s main client. Burke instructs sis to dig up more dirt on her client. The dirty detective threatens to call child protective services and have Andrea’s son taken away if she doesn’t cooperate. Sis immediately contacts Howard and tells him what Burke is up to.  He is grateful for her loyalty, but he ends their working relationship immediately. Bad move, Howard. 


A killer With A conscience?

Kanan Episodic Stills for 205

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Meanwhile, in the Catskills, Raq and Kanan check into their cabin. Kanan exchanges googly eyes with a caucasian hotel worker named Hannah. Mama Raq is visibly unnerved by their exchange. Later that evening, the mother and son build a campfire. They are oblivious to the two men watching them from the cabin next door. A bored Kanan makes a convenience store run. Now that Kanan is gone, it’s time to make a move. Hitman Jimmy moves in on Raq while Dominic follows Kanan. When it comes to executing folk, Sal Bascelli has a strict “no kids” policy. Kanan’s life will be spared.  Raq’s life is spared by campers who approach the property in search of firewood. Hitman Dominic blows his cover when he sees Kanan and Hannah on the verge of a kiss. The weirdo goes on racist tirade and even accused Kanan of sexual assualt. Raq hears the commotion through the woods and goes to retrieve her son. ”White girls will get you killed,” she warns. 


Episodic Stills for 205

Courtesy STARZ

The mother and son resume their campfire bonding session. When asked if he still wants to be a part of the family business. Kanan says yes. Raq puts him to work immediately. His first duty? Help mom bury this body. 

Well damn.

‘Raising Kanan’ from a boy to a man is whoa.

The next morning, the pair are preparing to leave when Kanan steps away to say goodbye to Hannah. Jimmy sends Dominic to keep an eye on Kanan while he moves in on Raq. But when he sees Kanan follow Hannah into a cabin, he cannot contain himself. He follows the teens into the cabin and breaks the “no kids“ rule by attacking Kanan. Meanwhile, Raq wasn’t oblivious as we thought. When Jimmy walks into her cabin, Sis appears from behind a door and places her knife at the mobster’s throat. He drops his weapon. Hannah’s screams get Raq’s attention; she runs next door where Dominic is standing over Kanan with a gun. The hot headed hitman is about to pull the trigger when he catches a bullet in the arm–his partner is the shooter.

 Jimmy takes that “no kids” rule seriously. 

Raising Kanan returns to Starz on Sunday, Sept. 18 at 12:00 AM EST  

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