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shabree rawls, Psychologist writing in diary with pen at office

Shabree Rawls.                                        Source: Westend61 / Getty

The Black therapist who was fired after urging Black men to seek therapy in a TikTok video has posted an update. In a TikTok video, Shabree Rawls shared that losing her job not only affected her, but her clients.

“I want you guys to understand that you didn’t just hurt me,” she said. “Yeah, I may have lost my employment, but all of the clients I had that I’ve spent two, three, four, five years with establishing therapeutic rapport now no longer have a therapist.”

She added, “While you guys did this s**t for clicks and views, my clients lost a support system. You’ve caused irreparable damage and I need you to sit with that.”

Rawls also vented about the backlash she received after her video went viral. Rawls expressed her frustration about the “entire crusade attacking a Black woman who serves the Black community.”

“There were comments like ‘I’m gonna find her credentials and report her’ because I told you how to be better? Yeah, you’re f****** weird. Y’all scream that y’all want to protect women, protect Black women specifically, but have done nothing to protect this Black woman who has been serving the communities? I have been violated in several areas.”

Rawls also shared the article which was published on Moguldom, that “spooked” her job and led to her termination. She had a few words for the author, a Black therapist as well. Rawls shared disappointment over the therapist not reaching out to her so she could tell her side of the story.

“Not only does she not have any regard for my safety [but] many other articles have been written as a result,” Rawls said.

I’m a Black Therapist Too And I Get It

I not only understand Shabree Rawls’ concern about her now former clients but her aggravation with Black men not seeking therapy. I’m a Black therapist too and have been practicing for nine years. I can count on my hands how many Black men I have worked with. It’s not easy being a Black man. There’s police brutality, systemic racism, discrimination, abuse, microaggressions, toxic masculinity and the list goes on. So why not go to therapy to learn to cope with your issues? Plus, like Rawls said, you can learn the emotional vocabulary needed to understand your own experience and empathize with other people.

Many may have felt her delivery was harsh and couldn’t hear the essence of her message. She was talking to her followers, not her clients, so she shouldn’t be penalized for tone and approach. Why can’t she use her TikTok to say what she wants and be herself? Many forget that therapists are people too. The Black community is always looking for us, saying there isn’t enough of us and giving us props for what we do because we are so needed. But when a Black therapist says something you don’t like, you bash her? And why would her job terminate her from such a coveted position where she is helping a needy community?

Rawls’ termination hurts my heart. She was using her social media platform to have a necessary conversation with usInstead of engaging in the conversation with her, people shamed and retaliated against her. She’s not wrong for telling Black men to get their s*** together. It’s hard being a Black man but what are they doing about it? The excuses for not going to therapy are tired. Black therapists are available. It takes one Google search to find them. If you don’t want to change your ways and continue to carry around the trauma that leads to your toxic and self-destructive behaviors then just say that. Take a look at Rawls’ passionate posts below.

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