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In season nine of 90 Day Fiancé, the couples were challenged with cultural differences, financial insecurity and disapproval from family and friends. MADAMENOIRE highlighted four of those couples. It was hard to have hope for any of them due to their incompatibility. The red flags were flying. Folks have been at the edge of our seats wondering if the couples will walk down the aisle or walk away from each other. The moment of truth has finally arrived  and decisions have been made.  As per usual, we are befuddled by these decisions. 


Emily and Kobe


The couple have an argument on the eve of their wedding which causes Emily to reflect on their whirlwind relationship. She has doubts about marrying Kobe and she contemplates calling the wedding off. She decides to apologize to her man because according to her, this is the “best relationship she has ever had, leaving folks to wonder if arguing is Emily’s love language? 

Kobe is accompanied by his homeboy Temperature and a fine ass brother named Etchu as he readies himself for the wedding. Kobe becomes overwhelmed with emotion when Emily’s father enters the room. It is not uncommon for a man to become emotional on his wedding day, however, Kobe feels guilty about withholding the news of Emily’s pregnancy. Kobe is a man of integrity. Dad presents son-in-law with a gift that is “between the two of them.” The groom is on the verge of spilling the tea, but instead he wipes his guilty tears and thanks Dad for his hospitality and financial support.

The couple exchange vows in a simple yet elegant black and white themed ceremony. Soon after they are pronounced man and wife, they start to bicker. A few days later, the newlyweds have dinner with Emily’s family. A remorseful Kobe shares the pregnancy news with his in-laws. Emily seems to be surprised when her family doesn’t jump for joy. She is annoyingly nonchalant when her disappointed father says he is going to “have to” postpone his retirement so he can provide financial support to the growing family. Dad should go and live his best retired life and allow the Blaises to figure it out for themselves. 


Ari and Bini 


Ari has decided to only focus on the positive aspects of her relationship with Bini. This ” good vibes only” approach sounds good in theory, but it is equivalent to putting a band-aid on a flesh wound. These two would benefit from a few visits to a therapist’s office before walking down anybody’s aisle. After Bini’s sister, Wish, threw wine in her face, Ari was adamant about not allowing Bini’s family to attend the wedding. But the bride-to-be had a change of heart. Ari’s Ethiopian in-laws can be seen on a giant television screen as she walks down the aisle. Her handsome fiancé is waiting at the end of the aisle wearing a black and gold brocade tuxedo jacket and black pants. Ari’s face is streaked with black tears from her way-too-heavy eye makeup as she vows to love Bini till death do them part. The small wedding was a mixture of both Jewish and Ethiopian traditions that blended effortlessly.  Despite our trepidations, we wish the couple well.


Miona and Jibri 


Grandma Cheyne joins the couple in Joshua Tree, California. They are hours away from their wedding and the groom is still hopeful that his parents will change their minds and surprise him with their presence. His best friend David isn’t fond of the bride, so he sits this one out. Jibri is understandably disappointed by the absence of his loved ones. He is hours away from the wedding and procrastinating on writing his vows—this is telling. Although Miona had to compromise on her beach wedding, she is content because according to her, the beach and the desert are similar. Um, okay.

Jibri’s friend, Egor was responsible for bringing a wedding arch, he was two hours late which caused them to postpone the ceremony. Mama Mahala was correct when she said this wedding was poorly planned, but it was quirky, memorable and beautiful, much like the couple. Jibri opened the ceremony by lighting sage and giving honor to their ancestors. They walked down the aisle to a country song that Jibri wrote especially for the wedding.  Brotherman recited his last-minute vows which were reminiscent of a 90’s poetry slam right before the officiate, Grandma Cheyne, pronounced them man and wife. We were hoping to see the groom’s eyes light up when his parents arrived just in the nick of time, but it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, congratulations are in order.


Shaeeda and Bilal


The prenup is signed and Bilal’s sister has transformed the living room into an elegant wedding venue. The sister squad has flown in from Trinidad to hear their baby sis say “I do.” Shaeeda acknowledges that being married to Bilal will not be easy. She also admits to feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to make this relationship work. These are not the feelings one should have on their wedding day. Despite her apprehensions, sis is going to walk down that aisle.  

Bilal appeared to be awestruck as he watched his beautiful bride descend the stairs in a form fitting lace gown that was Muslima modest, yet sexy. The angelic bride floated down the aisle as Bilal’s daughter, Zaida recites a prayer in Arabic. The officiant pronounced Shaeeda’s name incorrectly which sounded eerily close to Bilal’s ex-wife’s name. Ouch. But aside from that uncomfortable moment, the wedding was lovely and Shaeeda is a wife. The children are delighted about their new bonus mom, they both say their dad seems much happier since Shaeeda has come into his life. We wish the same happiness for our sis. 

The couple seem excited about their future, but we couldn’t help but notice the drastic change in Bilal’s body language when his wife mentioned having children. We are worried but congratulations or whatever. 

90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC on Sunday, August 14 at 8pm EST.

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