5 Low-Key Ways Busy Moms Can Squeeze In Me-Time

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Woman enjoying drinking a cup of wine while sitting in a restaurant.

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There is nothing more sacred than having me-time, especially for mothers. The everyday hustle and bustle of mom life can be excruciating, considering moms are chefs, laundresses, coaches, cheerleaders and disciplinarians, among a host of other titles. Mothers are often asked how they do it all? More than often the answer is they just get done. Parenting is not for the faint at heart, as the demands of motherhood start as soon as mom’s feet hit the floor. Moms do whatever is necessary to ensure children’s health, happiness and stability is secure. Doing so leaves mothers very little personal time; and making time to do the same for themselves is the tricky part. 

Spare time is fleeting, but me-time is a must. 

Here are five ways mothers can squeeze in me-time that is very much needed–and a bit of joy. 


Happy Hours

Not everyone has the time or the resources to escape to some beautiful island across the globe. Therefore, me-time can be as simple as having an indulgent drink. In the daytime, consider dropping in to that smoothie place you love or swinging by the coffee shop you’re obsessed with but haven’t had time to enjoy. The goal is to sit in the establishment and sip for your pleasure. Allow your taste buds to be overwhelmed with the goodness of your favorite beverage. In the evening, have your go-to wine or cocktail while you soak and luxuriate in the bathtub. 


Mental Reset 

When time is short and the day is hectic, treat yourself to a five-minute reset with a mindful exercise. Mindfulness practices are tried and true. In these moments, silence is golden. Be mindful to put your phone on mute. Be mindful of your breathing. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be mindful of your focus. Five minutes of mindfulness can do a lot to smooth out frazzled nerves and expand your mind’s capacity for your next task but also allows busy moms five-minutes of time to themselves. 


 Dance Party

If drinks don’t excite you and sitting still is not your thing, find some me-time in a five-minute solo dance party. Throw on your favorite jam. Sing loudly and dance wildly. You can do this in the car, in the shower, when you’re home alone. There are other benefits as well. An overview by Psych Central states music therapy reduces cortisol levels, stress, anxiety and burnout.  A quick shimmy can reset your day.


Date Yourself 

A constant focus on the needs of others can lead to self-neglect. Dating yourself is highly suggested. Take some time to be intimate, vulnerable and learn more about yourself. If time is abundant then so are your options. Make reservations for one at a restaurant that has mouth-watering cuisine. Beat your face, throw on a fly outfit and heels. Take a car service, have cocktails and lose yourself in the best entree on the menu. If getting out is a challenge,  try winding down at home with a charcuterie board. Work on your mise en place the night before. Arrange your board anyway you choose with nuts, fruit, chocolate or cheese. Once you’re kid free, spread a blanket on your lawn or living room floor and indulge. You pair the moment with self-reflection. 


Learn Something New

If you want to spend time with yourself and still be in community with others– take a class, any class. Have you ever wanted to learn how to line dance, twerk or two-step? Find a dance studio in your area and in the words of Big Freedia, “release the wiggle.” Get your hands dirty while making pottery. Try something different like a sandwich-making class. 

Moms often suffer from lack of stimulation, as daily routines become repetitive. Centering yourself can keep you grounded. It reminds you that you are an individual. Moms are women with needs. Peace  and me-time is chief among those needs and choosing to give it to yourself is always worth it. It will not only benefit you, it will benefit those around you.