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Season nine of 90 Day Fiancé had us holding on to our seats, as the couples take us on a wild rollercoaster ride. Episode 6 might even be a runaway train. However, whether amusement park attraction or train wreck, the last watch reminds us to brace ourselves for the twists and turns of excuses, emotional abuse and manipulation that can and do occur in many relationships. 


Ari and Bini 

The couple takes a day trip to New York City.  The highlight is seeing New York for the first time through Bini’s eyes.  His childlike fascination with skyscrapers and the bustling streets of Manhattan is enamoring. His Black boy joy was on full display, as he showed off his dance skills while riding the subway train. We love to see it.

The happy moment was short-lived when Bini expressed his desire to live in the city.  Ari accused Bini of not being grateful for their New Jersey apartment that is currently being paid for by her parents. Bini tries to explain that he wasn’t suggesting that they move immediately. He tells his future wife to “calm down” which causes her to do the exact opposite.  Ari’s parents will be cutting the purse strings soon, but Bini isn’t worried. He plans to support his family by becoming an MMA fighter. Ari knows that most MMA fighters make less than 50k annually.   Although she wants to support her man’s dreams, the rent has to be paid and the average MMA salary is the real source of Ari’s anger is that she is coming to the realization that her babydaddy is both financially challenged and out of touch with reality.


Miona and Jibri 

While Jibri is away, mama Mahala offers to teach her future daughter-in-law how to use the washing machine. This is when she “mistakes” Miona’s crop top for a headscarf.  Mahala patronized the model by expressing “concern” that her bodycon dresses may prevent others from recognizing her intelligence. Miona clapped back, respectfully, if people judge her based on her fashion choices, it was their issue and not hers. 

Mahala requested that Miona wear ‘appropriate’ clothing in the house, especially around her husband.  

Mahala has the right to make the rules in her house. But sometimes us middle-aged girls need to admit we get uncomfortable when we’re reminded that the flat bellies, cellulite free thighs and perky titties of our youth no longer exist. We don’t know if this is the issue here but just saying. 

Later, Jibri confronts his mother about her conversation with Miona. Instead of addressing her son’s concerns, sistergirl performed a series of mental gymnastics that were worthy of a gold medal in gaslighting. She stepped away from accountability while meticulously planting seeds of doubt into her baby’s mind. Jibri says his mom was just “being a therapist.” There is a special place in therapist hell for any mental health professional who uses their skills to manipulate loved ones.  


Shaeeda and Bilal

The couple are headed to Ju’mah prayer service. Shadeeda is anxious about meeting Bilal’s extended family.  The father of two tried to lighten the mood with a corny prank. He tells his fiancée that she has a booger in her nose. Shaeeda responds with a forceful, yet playful, pop in the back of the head. Playtime is over—Bilal firmly told his future wife that she crossed a boundary. She dismisses him, then says play fighting is “Trinidadian thing,”before hitting him a second time—and then a third.  When Bilal pulls over to the side of the road and threatens to kick her to the curb, she accuses him of overreacting, and she’s right.  What in the lack of self-awareness happening here?

 Hitting someone who asks not to be hit is a form of violence period. Blaming it on your cultural background is an insult to Trinidad, Tobago and our intelligence. 

 Bilal has accepted Shaheeda’s apology, but it’s apparent this interaction has left a bad taste in his mouth. Will they be able to put this behind them and make it to the altar? We have to stay tuned to find out. 90 Day Fiancé airs on TLC on Sunday, May 29.

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