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Easter Family Fun

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Did you know that Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world? Statista has found that year after year, for over a decade, the Easter celebration holds strong, with just about 80 percent of respondents celebrating it. Pew Research shows that church attendance spikes big time around Easter. And Wallet Hub estimates that over $21 billion was spent on Easter in 2021 – $3 billion of that was on candy alone.


Easter is certainly a popular holiday, but for some reason, the activities for it have remained rather limited over the years. It’s always been about the Easter egg hunt. But, that activity has its problems. Doing it the old-fashioned way of hard boiling and painting real eggs is messy and often wasteful. If you go the plastic egg route, many eggs go left unfound, creating a major litter issue. If you’re looking for some more thoughtful and unique Easter activities, we’ve got you covered.


An Easter Egg Stand

Shot of colorful Easter eggs. Debica, Poland

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When it’s hot out, kids fill up little pitchers with yellow lemonade and sell it from their cute homemade stands. This type of activity gives children an early lesson in entrepreneurship, which Gallup says over 80 percent of kids have an interest in. During Easter, kids can make a different kind of stand: an Easter egg stand. They can create beautiful Easter eggs, painted with their own pretty designs, and sell them at their stand.


Easter Advent Calendar

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Christmas gets an Advent Calendar, so why not Easter? The number of eggs will vary since Easter falls on a different day each year. But whatever amount of eggs you need, get plastic ones and fill them with something special. You can fill each one with a small piece of candy and a prompt on a slip of paper. The paper can ask things like, “What are you most grateful for?” and “What does Easter mean to you?” Kids get to open one egg each day in April leading up to Easter.


DIY Candy Bird Houses

Girl’s hand decorating a gingerbread house at home

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Gingerbread house building is a beloved Christmas activity and you can do an Easter version. You know Peeps? Those little candy birds that are so popular around Easter? Well, they need somewhere to live! They need a birdhouse. You can build Peep birdhouses out of graham crackers, icing, jelly beans, gumdrops and many other favorite Easter treats.


“The Egg Says”

Young girl performing gymnastics in the back garden

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This is like the game Simon Says, but with plastic eggs. It’s a great activity for hyperactive children – especially after they’ve loaded up on Easter candy. Fill plastic eggs with little instructions. These can include things like performing 10 jumping jacks, doing somersaults or running around the yard three times. Kids will get into it and you’re helping them expel energy.


Plastic Egg Towers

Plastic colourful eggs

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The day after Easter usually involves finding little half-shells of plastic eggs all over your home. If you want to encourage kids to keep them in one place, have them build plastic egg towers. This involves stacking the half-shells as high as you can. The person whose tower gets the tallest without tipping wins. Maybe you can give them candy or a cute stuffed animal as a prize.


Easter Charades

Black father and his daughter have fun and play charades together.

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Charades is a classic game that always gets the whole family laughing. You can make use of your plastic Easter eggs by putting charades words in each one for team members to act out. These can be Easter-related or Biblical words. They can also be inside jokes within the family. Maybe the winning team gets to sit out the task of cleaning up after Easter dining.


Garden Together

Happy mother and children watering plants in sunny summer garden

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Gardening together is a simple yet perfect Easter activity. Easter is about rebirth and gardening helps teach kids the way the earth is integral to giving birth to flowers and foods we consume. You can give each child their own raised garden bed, and let them decide what they’d like to plant. This activity gives you something to continuously do together as you’ll tend to your gardens throughout the year. As their gardens grow, you can even eat some of their produce at future Easter meals.

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