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Angela shows Nikki the new logo and name of her hair product “Nikkis Halo.” Angela lets her aunt Piggy know she has two days to clear momma Eve’s name, then she’ll be leaving the Bluffs for good.

When Raymond walks in on Teddy and Tyrique having one of their morning meetings, he informs Teddy, Leah is still grieving and upset for having to vote her sister out. Teddy lays everything out including suspicions around Jack’s death for Raymond to understand clearly it’s a bad day to be him. Nikki, Taylor and Lauren are at the beach. Lauren and Taylor are still pretending they aren’t back together.

Leah tries to right her wrong by organizing an emergency Graceties meeting to vote Angela back in. Olivia flips and informs Leah of the rule book hoping to overrule her. Leah regains her composure to reassure everyone she’s capable of making the decisions. 

Angela shows Tyrique the gun Darrius gave to Piggy. Piggy informs Angela and Tyrique of some new info she found on Teddy’s brother. Nate and Tyrique both want what’s best for Angela.

Taylor finally breaks news to Nikki after she lets her know she loves her. When Nikki arrives back home she lets Angela and Nate know about the break up. Nate hosts a dinner for him and Angela and proposes a second chance not only for him but for Nikki. Tyrique interrupts to inform Angela of the new found dirt on Teddy. Teddy may have actually had a hand in killing his own brother. 

Lauren tries to show Taylor a bracelet she bought but when she can’t find it, she informs Saloanes grandma of the things that have gone missing as well as Saloane and Quincy’s secret relationship. After Saloane and Quincy get caught making out in the pantry, Saloane spills the tea on Taylor and Lauren to Quincy.

While Angela and Leah prepare for the ball, trying to find pictures of Teddy and Momma Rose. Angela quickly informs Leah of all the new dirt she found on Teddy. Leah stops her from saying another word. Tyrique spills his heart out to  Angela letting her know  what her future could be as they walk on the beach. Tyrique gets on one knee and pulls out a ring for Angela but she needs some time to think. 

As Nikki Angela and Piggy enter the party, Taylor enters after and Nikki simply requests for them to be friends. Quincy and Lauren’s side argument gets everyone’s attention when Quincy states Lauren is a liar because of her secret hookups with Taylor. Raymond blames Teddy stating he has infected the family since Teddy is known for having family go against one another.

Leah begins her opening speech and wants to give her father a token of appreciation. When Teddy opens the box and sees the gun. His Parkinson’s begins and he storms off. The whole family follows him into his office for answers. Teddy explains everything that happened the night his brother died and his love for Eve. Leah requests for Teddy to leave the house as well as Franklin holdings.  

Angela spots Olivia and questions her whereabouts in 1984. Olivia confesses to setting up Eve and putting the crack in her bag. Leah finishes the night off by welcoming all the chosen ladies including Angela into the sisterhood. Quincy goes to apologize to Saloane and finds out she’s pregnant. Angela tells Leah what Olivia did and about both proposals given to her by Nate and Tyrique. 

Piggy thanks Teddy for saving her life by having her think she killed someone.

Angela says yes to staying in Oak Bluffs with Tyrique to build a future. Leah informs Raymond about his new role as chairman of Franklin holdings and Darmon. Leah lets Raymond know she will be helping Angela with her business. Raymond leaves to grab champagne when an unknown man walks in and shoots Leah from behind thinking it was Teddy Franklin.

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