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Formerly known as @AngelaTheeG0ddess on TikTok, 27-year-old Angela Vandusen is being accused of running a BDSM cult called “Daddy’s Girls.”

Alleged victims are now speaking out and claim Vandusen forced them to cut themselves and pull out their hair to show their devotion to her, the group’s leader.

Vandusen reportedly started “Daddy’s Girls” in the winter of 2020. Initially, it seemed to be a space on TikTok for curvy LGBTQ+ Black women to connect, view the influencer’s thirst traps, and fangirl over posts where Vandusen would show “big, beautiful women” (BBW) love by doing things like winking at the camera and biting her lower lip at them.

Based in Michigan, Vandusen also grew a following due to her documentation of her dramatic weight loss on the platform. According to Rolling Stone, the influencer’s TikTok account amassed about 50,000 followers when she started doing weekly live streams in December 2020, and began charging $50 per viewer.

A former Daddy’s Girl named Chae claims Vandusen was candid with her about having a kink-filled lifestyle and her desire to be polyamorous — even telling Chae she wanted her to be her submissive at one point.

Around that time, another of the influencer’s subscribers reportedly started calling Vandusen “Daddy” during the weekly live streams. Subsequently, Vandsusen dubbed her viewer’s “Daddy’s Girls,” and the group started identifying themselves on TikTok partly by including a yellow heart emoji in their account biographies on the platform.

“It was mainly like a sisterhood,” Chae told Rolling Stone. “At least that’s how it started.”

“We don’t fit the society’s standards of what a body is supposed to look like,” a former member who requested to remain anonymous explained. “It was safe to be around other women – we all looked the same, had the same problems, had the same struggles.”

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“A lot of girls joined based off the same aspect that we could talk about things and we could all relate to each other,” she added. Discussing the vibes of Vandusen’s live streams initially, the woman said, “Everyone came in to wind down, drink. There was something about her [Vandusen] that drew you in.”

Both Chae and another former member named Jasmine identified themselves as single mothers not looking for relationships — but that they were willing to engage with Vandusen because of the attention she gave them.

Jasmine shared that Vandusen would make thousands of dollars during her live streams via gifts from her followers.

“That’s when I realized she’s leading these girls on and making them fall in love with her,” she stated, admitting that she also sent Vandensen what totals to $300.

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According to Jasmine, other Daddy’s Girls members then said she couldn’t live stream anymore on her own personal TikTok account without getting permission from Vandusen beforehand. Chae claimed she wasn’t allowed to post any videos on social media if they weren’t about Vandusen and that she had to stay on the phone with the influencer throughout her whole night shift from 9 p.m. to 9. a.m. Other members said they had to pray to Vandusen every morning and night.

The live streams reportedly got more sexual in nature as time went on. Nuri, a Daddy’s Girl from January to March, told Rolling Stone that they engaged in group masturbation in the last Zoom session of Vandusen’s she attended. In another session, Nuri claims the influencer consensually choked another group member, but that as a viewer, she worried Vandusen would harm the woman being choked by taking things too far.

In a video posted by TikTok user @auntkaren0, a screenshot of text messages claimed to be between Vandusen and a Daddy’s Girls member shows the influencer telling the subscriber to “cut deeper” into herself and to “pull 20 strings of hair” out of her head.

“Let’s see [if] you can cut deeper? Wins my heart,” Vandusen’s alleged text read, to which the unnamed member replied: “Daddy I thought I already had.”

Chae mentioned being a Daddy’s Girl took a toll on her and made her consider admitting herself into a mental hospital at one point.

“I started to hate myself,” she said. “Because I kept having to do stuff to myself. And I used to think to myself, like, is she doing stuff to make me harm myself? So other people don’t want me? I didn’t know what it was.”

When she finally met Vandusen in person, she claimed the two got into a physical altercation and that Vandusen slapped her and grabbed her face.

Notably, a former member who hasn’t been previously mentioned corroborated Nuri’s claim about Vandusen choking a woman while live streaming. The unidentified person also said she thought other former members were “just coming forward because they want clout.” She described Daddy’s Girls as “a big a*s fan club.”

Vandusen reportedly “left” the club she started this past spring. Rumors regarding the group’s alleged “cult” nature began this past summer and have grown in traction since.

On Oct. 31, TikTok users shared clips of a live stream Vandusen held where she told a viewer the age of legal consent in Michigan is 16. In another clip, she told a 17-year-old to “bring that p*ssy here.”

In the comments, users said things like “I’ve never heard a Black woman say some shyt like this… truly disappointing,” and “wow… she just hiding in plain sight at this point.”

In other clips, users claim that Vandusen is married — despite portraying herself as a single person seeking polyamory. Further, they ask that the influencer be held accountable for what she allegedly did to her accusers.


There’s currently a petition with over 22,500 signatures attempting to get Vandusen arrested and further de-platformed.

As of Wednesday, Nov. 10, TikTok removed Vandusen’s account, citing multiple community violations.

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