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blender recipes

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We’re all guilty of buying appliances that we just let sit on shelves, gathering dust. We buy them with the best intentions. There are aspirations of making all sorts of gourmet things seen on cooking shows and Pinterest and Instagram. We tell ourselves that we will break out of the mundane menus we are used to and we will make culinary creations. But then…life gets busy and it’s back to the usual dishes. The special appliances get forgotten, or given away to friends, or sold at yard sales. The kitchen appliance sections of most thrift stores are like graveyards for these forgotten items. While you maybe will never need a fancy spiralizer or that thing that makes mousse, don’t give up on your blender just yet.


Your blender can actually do a lot more than make smoothies. So just because you’re over your brief liquid diet phase, doesn’t mean that your blender is no good. It can make a lot of the things you already eat regularly, and it can make the process of creating them easier and faster. You just have to think outside the box (or inside the blender). You might just realize that loud, whirring machine is the most valuable tool you have. Here are things you didn’t know you could make with a blender.

blender recipes

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Mashing the chunks out of guacamole always feels like a lot of work. But if you don’t like chunky guacamole, you just have to do it, and your wrist is in shambles at the end. Creamy guacamole is easier to lift on a chip than the chunky stuff – when guac is too heavy, it can break your chips. So how do restaurants get it so creamy? They use their blender. Blend just your avocado in there. Add that into a bowl, and then mix in the other ingredients by hand. You don’t want to put things like your onion and tomato in the blender because then you won’t have guacamole – you’ll have more like a zesty avocado spread with an off-putting color.

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