8 of The Most Notorious Male Celebrity Cheaters

January 27, 2012  |  
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I understand that being good looking comes with some perks. Being famous comes with many of those same perks. And being both can prove to be just plain dangerous. These men abused the system, and the world should know it:

Jessie James

Kat Von D reported that Jessie cheated on her with 19 women. Not just one or two…or maybe even three, but 19! How many diseases was he coming encounter with on the regular? James’ ex-wife Sandra Bullock also moved out when she discovered her husband had had his share of freaky exploits with a tattoo model who just happened to love her some Nazis.

Jude Law

We were all heartbroken to discover that this adorable Brit with his boyish good looks had the capacity to act so naughty, but let’s be real–no one was surprised. But to cheat on your wife of all people with your children’s nanny? That’s that kind of low that is just way too unacceptable to forgive. THE NANNY!?

Hugh Grant

I swear these British men just think they can get away with anything once they make it big. Fame plus a cute accent is a dangerous, dangerous tool. But seriously, who on earth would want to stray if they were dating hottie Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years? Guess you can’t hold back the wandering eye…

Tiger Woods

Tiger, if you seriously think that your baby pink and yellow argyle sweaters are what drew the 121 women you slept with in, then you must not be aware of the giant dollar sign that follows you around. The big blowup around his infidelity was epic too: car accidents, possible golf club beatings, VERY naughty text messages–you name it, he had all that going on. I would say “Poor Elin,” but she walked away from that mess (and mess of a man) with $100 million. That’s how you hurt a man back: get him in his pockets!

Kobe Bryant

As if the sexual assault allegations weren’t enough (especially since it was true that he had sex with the chick anyway), but rumors came out that Vanessa Bryant knew he had affairs with multiple women over the years after he begged for her forgiveness (as well as the public’s and sponsor’s) the first time. I don’t want to imply that “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but man…Kobe makes it so hard not to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold somehow had the luck of the news of his secret child with the a former house employee not surfacing until after he was elected California governor. Though he was lucky enough to have had charming wife Maria Shriver by his side for so many years, he did the dirtiest of deeds, got the employee pregnant, and the worst of all, she had her baby one month after Maria gave birth to their son Christopher. SHADY.

Shaquille O’Neal

Maybe since his wife Shaunie was a fraction of his size he felt he was entitled to a few more women just to even things out (*kidding*). Shaq broke it down in plain terms: he was a guy; a guy with too many options. But we think he went a little too far, even if he does think he cheated on her “respectfully.” And as always, he claims he’s learning to be a better man NOW that they’ve divorced after having four children together. Nice.

David Duchovny

It was a bold move for David to take the lead role in Californication as a writer who for the life of him. can’t keep it in his pants. Why? Because the actor had to attend rehab for a real-life sex addiction in 2008. Somehow, wife Tea Leoni kept him around for a while, but the two separated in June of last year and haven’t publicly said that they’ve worked things out as of yet.

Eric Benet

This is just another one that makes you want to ask: “Have you seen your wife?” Eric attended rehab for a sex addiction after rumors of cheating on wife Halle Berry started spreading like wildfire–and wound up being true. Benet claimed he was no sex addict, but Halle and he still split ways in 2005 after a four-year marriage. Let’s just hope he can keep it real and real faithful to new wife Manuela Testolini.

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