Signs You’re Too Emotionally (and Financially) Attached to Clothes

January 7, 2012  |  
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I’ve had an epiphany. Like many women out in this country (if not wide world), I have too many clothes. Some pieces being things I know in my heart I won’t wear again, things I might punch somebody over taking or messing up, but all in all, things I KNOW I need to let go of. And while I’m sure many can relate, I’m sure we all also know that having an irregular attachment to material things is not hot at all. So if you know you’ve got sweaters from ’98 still bound up in your dresser drawer that you love a little too much, it’s time to do something about it. Do better if this is you…(and I say that with love because I’ve got issues too *smiles*).

You’re Stingy About Your Ish

So you’ve got a pair of heels you adore that you bought from a trip to Lord knows where some years back, but at this point in your life, you only wear them once in a blue moon. Now a friend (a good one), or a family member wants to borrow them and you’re acting as though someone is trying to steal your livelihood. Unless someone is appealing to you to own your stuff, then I don’t think it would hurt to be  a little giving and let a sistah borrow from your gold mine of unused and over-the-top clothing from time to time.

You’ll Wear Too Little Clothing Just So You Don’t Have to Give it Away

Guilty! And I’m not talking daisy dukes that give you a wedgie or something like that, but rather, pants that are flooding hardcore, shirts that are now on baby tee mode and jeans that require a warmup stretch or two to put on. Nobody likes to come to the realization that they’ve simply grown out of their beloved clothing, but it happens to the best of us. And when it does, it’s always a nice idea to pack those smedium pieces and give them away to people who could make better use of them than the back of your closet can.

You Have an Emotional  Breakdown Over Messed Up Attire

Ever been in a restaurant with a banging new purse and had someone spill something on it? While the average person might be a little disappointed, I’m betting you were ready to cock back your fist and were in the midst of collecting air so you can let out a piercing scream. It’s NOOOOOOO YOU DIDN’T time. Same goes for the feeling you get when someone steps on your new fly shoes or sits on your skirt on the train–all hell is about to break loose internally for you. And while you might think you’re being rational (on your Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop steez), you’re flipping out a little too much over material mess. Conniption fits over clothes? Nah…

You’re Thirsty for that “New New”

I’m sure you heard about the string of violence that took place around the country during the holidays when the new Air Jordans arrived in stores. Folks got pepper sprayed, found themselves in fights with customers over shoes, mobs ensued all over and so on and so forth. Common sense would tell you it’s never that serious to act a fool over some shoes, but you would be surprised how many people see nothing wrong with wasting a weekend standing in line or throwing down for something they’ll only wear a few times. From wedding dresses to limited edition Missoni at Target, if shopping fiends want it, they’ll get it.

You Have Underwear from Childhood That Has Sentimental Value

If you’re keeping granny panties from your high school days that can now fit you like a swimsuit (I’ve seen it happen…), then you and I both know it’s time to give those parachute panties a break. Undergarments shouldn’t have any sort of sentimental value, and at some point, old things have to go in the garbage. The panties with the overstretched elastic waistband should be first on your list.

You Spend Even When You’re Broke

If your money is funny, the shopping fiend probably already knows why–because they too consistently feel the need to run into the nearest store or boutique knowing they’re only going to spend credit rather than cash or debit. When you don’t have it, you should know better to wait until you do and mosey on home, but when you just shop as a hobby like you would read for a hobby, you’re always bound to be broke. Been there. Done that. Save your ducats and reward yourself every once in a while. Not every other day…

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