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Back in the nineties, Monica was the little girl with a big voice and what appeared to be a strong personality. Miss Thang is what they called her. But now that she’s a grown woman, we know that Monica really is about that life.

These days, people call her Goonica because more than just an attitude, Monica has been known to pop off when necessary. Dallas Austin told us about her physical altercation with Brandy back in the day. And she’s been very open about carrying a gun with her. She’s confronted fans who were fighting at her concert, checked another person who insinuated that she was more committed to C Murder than she was to her ex-husband Shannon Brown.

For all those pretty melodies, Monica does not play.

Still, people always find a way to test her. Recently, Monica was participating in an Instagram Live with her fans.

At one point, someone in the comments asked her if she was vaccinated or not. But apparently, they didn’t just want to know the answer to the question, that wanted to pass some judgement along with it. And because Monica does this, she was ready with her clapback.

“No I am not vaccinated. You’re entitled to your opinion but let’s not speak to each other in a disrespectful manner. You can’t say that someone’s stupid because they’ve chosen not to do something. Because you don’t know the discussions myself and my doctor have had, especially with the condition that I’m currently in. So I’m doing what’s best for me and I suggest you do what’s best for you and that would include watching your mouth.”

The condition to which Monica is referring is endometriosis. The singer recently underwent surgery to treat the disorder which involves the overgrowth of tissue that is normally relegated to the uterus. During menstrual cycles, the tissue in the uterus is shed. But because the endometrium grows outside of the uterus, it is trapped. This condition causes pain, heavier and more painful periods and can even result in fertility issues.

Given the fact that some recipients of the vaccine have reported that periods can be heavier and more painful, I can see why Monica and her doctor may have advised her to wait.

But even if Monica didn’t have this condition, it is still entirely inappropriate for strangers on the internet to tell one another what to do with their bodies. We’re all doing our best with the information we have. And since none of us know what is going on with other people’s bodies—and sometimes not even our own—it’s always best practice to mind your business and let people come to their own conclusions about their health.

And since some people don’t seem to understand that, Monica was there to make it plain.


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